Academic denounces censorship by UACh


The controversy arose because a few weeks ago, the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) published a column by four academics supporting the “against” option of the constitutional proposal, which was later deleted. However, Henry Azurmendi, professor at the university and former mayor of RN in Los Ríos, denounced that the university refused to publish his column commenting on “A Favor.”.

Academic and former mayor of National Renewal in Los Ríos, Henry Azurmendi, condemned the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) for “political discrimination” after it refused to publish a column for A Favor of the new constitutional project.

The controversy arose because a few weeks ago, the university published through its social networks a column by four academics who supported the “against” option of the constitutional proposal.

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Given this situation, the current professor at UACh, Henry Azurmendi (RN), requested publication of its statement “endorsing” the draft Magna Carta.

However, that is The university rejected the application, for which the academic accused “censorship” and filed a complaint of “political discrimination” with the Superintendence of Higher Education (SES).

This action is supported by the National Renewal Board, which noted in a statement that “Austral University’s actions create a scenario of censorship and discrimination against dissent.”

According to data from Radio Bio, the column of scientists who spoke out against it was deleted from social networks because it was all a mistake.

After consulting with the university’s communications team, they limited themselves to saying that “they will not refer to the issue since they have clarified what happened to the relevant people.” In addition, they indicated that they also did not want to talk about the complaint lodged with the SES.

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