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Academy of Inventors CEO Louis Martin: “The world moves forward for more technology”

What does it mean for you to be among the top 50 most influential youth leaders of 2022?

It is an honor, but it is also a great responsibility. The word influencer is difficult to understand, especially for us, as we tend to associate it with people who have a large number of followers on social networks. In our case we found that An influencer is also a teacher or person who marks you as a child and helps you decide what you want to be when you grow up., to find the way. They are the ones you will always remember, the trigger that triggered the spark that made it possible to get to where you are. Therefore, We believe that our impact comes more in the field of education,

Academy Of Inventors Ceo Louis Martin: &Quot;The World Moves Forward For More Technology&Quot;

You are the creator of Academia d’Inventors by Edelwives, how did this initiative come about?

initiative arose out of a need, All three participants experienced a situation similar to children, in which we saw that we had some concerns other than those marked by society, We wanted to differentiate our toys, make new things, But there was no place to do so, just as there is a conservatory for those with musical concerns, there was none for those with scientific-technical concerns. So it was like, hunger combined with the desire to eat and we realized that It didn’t exist because it had to be invented,

Inventors Academy
Inventors Academy Team. (Photo: Facebook Academy of Inventors)
You got recognized in 2020 and now again in 2022, what is the key to your success?

Key, I don’t know if it’s success or not, really based on our valueswishing to continue Betting on innovation as a flag before the education of the professions of the future And let’s be clear that this is our goal, whether a crisis is involved or digitization is getting widespread. we keep betting face to faceBy make your own inventions, class manipulation. We believe there is no other way in the end. you can say that success is that We keep betting on what we’ve come to believe, regardless of the obstacles or obstacles in the way. It is clear that gradually we are taking small steps to keep growing and reach more places, such as New office we are going to open in Madrid,

You attended the Global Leaders Summit event in Dubai last weekend, what global challenges have you addressed?

The main challenge is how to break the barriers, break barriers in the sense that Be young a catalyst of change, We have dealt with the issue of education and equality in education, especially in technology. We believe that technology is a unique and essential tool for current generations, so that we can continue to innovate and move forward as a united planet. We believe that Equality is fundamental in education so that the whole planet can progress in parallel, without any major disparity as has happened at other times. we bet on a Free technical and scientific education supported by open source and made not only for the privileged few,

Inventors Academy
Children in a robotics workshop at Edelwives’ Academy of Inventors. (Photo: Facebook Academy of Inventors)
Does science and technology need a different approach so that young people decide to take an interest in them?

The reality is that it was probably necessary a few years ago. Today technology is on everyone’s tongue. Everyone meets Elon Musk And knows about their technical flaws. Whether they are to our liking or not, these types of people are the ones who have made it possible for technology to be something real, very interesting and that goes beyond just video games or programming websites. In the end the world moves further by technology,

The conference takes place under the slogan ‘Breaking Barrier’. The lack of women in the technical and scientific fields is a fact. Furthermore, the percentage of female graduates is much lower than that of males. In this line and by education, how do you promote female interest in these subjects and close the gender gap?

all our initiatives They always try to bridge this gender gap. In fact, we have our own initiative related to the integration of this women’s sector. Currently, we have a There are 40% girls in our academy and we continue to fight for equality. We don’t discriminate, we always seek encourage multidisciplinaryness within both genders, In fact, we don’t have any specific way to promote it, but Treat it as a normal problem, don’t highlight that it’s happening but the exact opposite, Encouraging our inventors to be the heads of the cartel and who drive each of our work teams makes this naturally possible. For example, now we’re running into got Talent And we have a bunch of girls and boys who are struggling to find a place on the show.

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You have also started some activities to bring science and technology to rural areas, how has this project evolved?

This year we are going to activate a project called ‘The Inventoretta’a small van capable of being Teach scientific-technical workshops anywhere in the world, In that sense, it’s themed to be able to access a site and deploy an actual test bench so that we can Prioritize access to any area in the Aragonese region. And why not, from all over Spain. We have a lot of involvement in the rural area of ​​Zaragoza, but We want to expand the constraints,

After expanding facilities in Aragonia, you are planning a national expansion with an office in Madrid. What opportunities and future projects does this new phase present?

Our expansion model is based on Franchisee, We’re going to have two or three of our own hubs as headliners or flagships. But to speed up the process and in a span of 5 years we will have an inventor academy in practically all cities, we need to start this elaborate policy around franchising. Otherwise, there would be no other possible way to do it in other words. the opportunities are endlessnot only at the national level but also in Latin America, There we have a lot of requests from interested people. But we want to go step by step and with a certain measure to validate the business model and the educational model, and that it’s not hurried and speedy in the expansion process. Ultimately, We want right and quality training for all our students,

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