Accident in Beauport – Raymond Boulevard was closed

20240210 1050481W

11 am – Raymond Boulevard North and South, between Rue Nordiques and Boulevard Louis XIV, was closed to traffic due to an accident.

There was a collision between two vehicles and an arrest was made. An ambulance was sent to the spot. Paramedics evaluated a man who refused to be transported to a hospital center.

20240210 1050481W

Police met witnesses and took statements.

According to SPVQ, police were called to intervene in the Baul area at around 10:15 am. Louis-XIV for a driver who behaves like a drunk.

Near the scene, police saw a vehicle matching the description given, a red Toyota RAV4.

When the police tried to stop him, he ran away quickly and disappeared from the sight of the police.

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Barely a few minutes later, at around 10:30, a crash call was made to 911 at the intersection of rue Anique and Boulle. Raymond. One of the vehicles being sought is believed to be a RAV4.

According to our information, the police immediately reached the spot.

Police arrested the driver, a 17-year-old teenager. However, the latter was not under the influence of any substance, as specified by the SPVQ.

The RAV4 vehicle was in fact stolen and the young suspect was also on the run.

Considering the entire situation, he was taken into custody and looked after by youth protection department workers, the SPVQ indicated.

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Traffic diverted

Motorists must pass through the residential area along Raymond Boulevard. Since the boulevard is usually very busy, residential areas are particularly at risk of overcrowding. One suggestion, to avoid congestion in the residential area, a quick alternative would be to take a detour via Seigneurie Avenue.

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