According to a Kantar report, the Spanish are maintaining their spending

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The “Kantar Insights Consumer Perspectives Report” highlights as a key change the improvement in consumer perception about the economic condition of the country, an aspect that is generally considered the worst.

arrival of a Epidemic such as the sudden increase in covid-19 Luz By Ukrainian War Hailstone inflation, which is still present in many products, it has caused huge maladjustment in the world economy And, as a result, a hole has formed in it pockets of some consumers,

Add to this the fact that buyers have to face in the second quarter of this year 2023 underlying cpi which, month after month, is around 6%, meanwhile he euribor At the time of the survey (conducted in June), was close to 4%,

however, according to “Kantar Insights Consumer Insights Report” Spanish consumers confirm live for today And, irrespective of the current inflationary context, a 54% of them ensure that it is a Good time to maintain your spending levels,

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Results for “Kantar Insights Consumer Insights Report”

This “Kantar Insights Consumer Insights Report” throws light on consumer confidence in the second quarter of 2023, where they assure that, despite experiencing an economic moment of great confusion due to current inflation and the war in Ukraine, more than half of Spaniards believe they can maintain your consumption level, But that’s not all, and that is, a 8% the spanish think so too that cost should be increased, On the other end 38% remaining thinks it’s better reduce them,

Although the economic data is not good, this report highlights the most important change Improving the perception of the country’s economic situation One aspect is usually rated worst and on this occasion 15 points go up Showing a clear improvement in consumer confidence and prospects.

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Only 31% of Spaniards fear rising unemployment

In addition, this report also shows that employment stability among the Spanish, since Nine out of ten Spaniards are not worried Regarding the possibility of losing his job, Kantar also points out that only 8% of these people believe that there is no chance of losing your job,

Spaniards tend to have a positive mindset not only in their jobs, but in the jobs of others as well, and there are many who believe that there is a positive mindset out there. Best job stability in the country And companies are no longer likely to lay off people. Enough 31% have spanish fear of rising unemployment,

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This report shows that the Spaniards have great faith in your country’s economy will improve For this reason, they do not consider that companies may lay off many people, they rely on balancing their employment and at the same time, Continue to spend and maintain your level of consumption,

in this situation, Theresa of Ledesma Marketing Director of Kantar Insights Spain pointed out that “despite the fact that Uncertainty around inflation And this savings strategies This is what the report says Families have learned to manage complex financial situations And this quarter they have adjusted their confidence level upwards. The most relevant variation is the opinion about the country’s economic prospects, given very positive push, It is very likely that this positive trend will continue at least till the end of the year.


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