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According to a Starbucks Barista, He Knows Which Are the Best and Worst Drinks People Ask for

The Caramel Macchiato is a favorite, while she believes that iced drinks are often a waste of money and that hot tea is not worth it.

starbucks one of them coffee chain Most popular in the world, but that doesn’t mean all the drinks on the menu are worth it.

Business Insider asked baristas to share their favorite drinks from the chain, plus the ones they avoid.

Iced Blonde Doubleshot – refreshing and caffeinated

Juanma Garcia, a specialty coffee association-certified barista and owner of Buenos Beans, explains that this drink with ice is ideal for summer.

It consists of 2 shots of espresso mixed with syrup and a splash of milk.

“This drink is perfect as a light summer drink,” says Garcia. “I also find blond espresso more enjoyable because it’s not as bitter as the typical darker roast.”

The Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Is a Classic and Delicious Treat

Alexa Blay, a former Starbucks waitress, considers the Caramel Macchiato one of the best drinks on the menu.

“I highly recommend the Caramel Macchiato,” he says. “The bitter notes of espresso pairing pair perfectly with the sweet notes of vanilla syrup and notes of caramel.”

She also believes that this drink is best served warm so that the caramel drops can melt into the drink—the caramel in the frozen version often turns into a cold, hard string.

Frapuccino is a great alternative to regular iced coffee

Starbucks Frappuccinos are like upgraded versions of iced coffee. Blay explains that the original Coffee Frappuccino had a fine balance between the sweetness and the flavor of the coffee.

“It tastes similar to a normal coffee with cream and sugar, but it’s perfect for summer, thanks to the ice,” he describes.

You can control the sweetness of this drink by adding flavored syrup to make it sweeter or espresso water to make it more bitter.

Order a Cafe Mocha to Boost Your Energy with Chocolate

The Starbucks Mocha is made with espresso, sweet and sour mocha sauce, and steamed milk. The mixture is garnished with sweetened whipped cream.

“This drink is like a hot chocolate for adults because it has espresso in it,” compares Blay. “The espresso has just the right amount of bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the chocolate syrup.”

You can reduce the caffeine content by ordering a shot of espresso, or opt for an extra for a larger crowd.

Chai Latte is a spicy and sweet flavored drink that can be made vegetarian

The Starbucks Chai Latte is made with steamed milk and black tea flavored with cinnamon, cloves, and other spices.

“This is my favorite drink at Starbucks. It’s delicious, flavorful, has the right amount of spice, and isn’t overly sweet,” says Blay. “If you prefer a sweet drink, vanilla syrup is a great complement.”

The Chai Latte can be made vegan by swapping out cow’s milk for a plant-based drink like almond or soy.

Starbucks Salted Caramel Creme Nitro Cold Brew is a lighter and saltier version of regular iced coffee

It’s a blend of typical nitro cold brew coffee (the label nitro refers to the nitrogen bubbles that provide texture) with caramel syrup and salty foam.

“It’s a very soft drink and not very sweet,” says Garcia. “The combination of sweet and salty is an interesting addition to cold brew.”

Most iced drinks are rated worse than hot drinks

Blay explains to Business Insider that ordering an iced drink instead of a hot one often means you’re going to get less drink for your money. “With the exception of the venti size, iced drinks are not the same value for money as hot drinks because ice takes up a lot of space.”

At 24 ounces, Venti iced beverages are larger than Venti 20 hot beverages, making them more affordable. But you can also ask your bartender for “thin cubes” to increase the volume of the actual drink.

hot tea is not worth it

Starbucks serves a variety of hot teas, but Blay believes that rarely is a cup worth ordering.

“Hot tea is one of those beverages I don’t recommend,” he says. “It doesn’t require any special skills or machinery, and it’s something you can easily make at home.”

The hot chocolate is made with syrup and is not worth the money.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate isn’t made with real melted chocolate, not even cocoa powder. “Starbucks hot chocolate is overrated for what it is,” believes Blay. “It’s just milk and chocolate syrup.”

If you’re looking for a more delicious chocolate, order a mocha: It’s the same combination of milk and syrup, plus a splash of espresso.

There’s No Point in Buying Bottled Drinks at Starbucks

It may be convenient and fast, but selecting a bottled drink at Starbucks is often more expensive than ordering a drink at the counter.

“The bottled drinks in the fridge aren’t a good price compared to what you can make for yourself on the spot,” says Blay. “I always go to Starbucks for a new one.”

With information from Business Insider.

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