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According to ChatGPT, Mariano Rajoy will play for the Miami Heat.

“It is not difficult to troll the GPT-3 model. I asked him: which NBA team is Mariano Rajoy going to play for next season? He replied that in miami heats », experts tell paul haya Thus showing the limitations of artificial intelligence.

haya’s teacher big Data and leads the Social Business Analytics group at the Institute for Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, located at the Autonomous University of Madrid. In an interesting interview with SINC, he makes sense in the face of exaggeration about ChatGPT’s potential, An Artificial Intelligence (AI) application based on GPT-3.5 software From the OpenAI company, which is capable of solving a wide variety of questions and tasks in a very smooth manner.

The example starring Mariano Rajoy is not the only one that has used the former president to test the device. During the last soccer World Cup in Qatar, a tweeter advanced what an article he wrote might be similar to using GPT-3. “Japan Has Measured” would have been the title of that lesson.

Beyond these anecdotal uses that have Mariano Rajoy as the protagonist, the truth is that the progress experienced by this artificial intelligence is dizzying and its potential uses range from the early detection of Alzheimer’s cases to the writing of articles that are now Till then it seemed that only the human mind could write.

Mariano Rajoy does not play basketball

Pablo Haya acknowledges that we are on the threshold of a revolution, although he points out that the model still has many limitations. “This is not a professional application, nor does it claim to be at this time. ChatGPT is a window to the future. In four or five years, instead of being used as a testing tool, it will be integrated into Bing, Google, or your mobile apps. And everyone will use it.

The experts explain to SINC that ChatGPT is “basically a probabilistic model that associates words. He doesn’t understand the knowledge he generates, he only knows how to complete sentences. It does this very well because it’s pulled massive amounts of text from the internet and it starts out doing a very basic thing: we give it a sentence, we remove a word from that sentence, and then we let the AI Let’s try to make. Predict the word it is given. has been removed. And we repeat this process almost infinitely, not only in time, but above all in amount of data.”

“Machines only imitate human language. We still don’t know how to define consciousness, imagine trying to imitate it.”

The results it provides were spectacular, unimaginable until recently, but they are still limited. For example, Haya points to a limitation that relates to its sensitivity to the text in question. FartTee, as it is technically called in English. «Answer can be determined by using one preposition or another. To me This happened to me with Fidel Castro, who with a single question went from being a terrible autocrat to a controversial character, comparable to Hitler».

Mariano Rajoy Explains The Limitations Of Chatgpt
Pablo Haya, Professor of Big Data and Data Science. do together

“Trolling the GPT-3 model is not difficult. The starring example of Mariano Rajoy’s alleged signing by the Miami Heat shows how the system simply generates sentences, If you haven’t modified it so that some phrase doesn’t generate them for you, then the field is free. Attempts have been made with ChatGPT so that it does not generate wrong answers, but they are still easy to find”, this researcher pointed out.

In another experiment Haya asked the chat “How Eating Is Defined According to Rae”. « In response I received a good definition of food with five or six meanings. Later I consulted the RAE and to no avail. He made them. This is a clear example of unintentional misinformation. Programmers don’t know RAE and no one has thought to train chat on specific definitions,” he says.

Is GPT-3 Smart?

In such a situation, the question arises whether Artificial Intelligence is intelligent in a human way. philosophical Byung-chul Han believes that artificial intelligence cannot reflect because it is not stimulated, He doesn’t have a heart. Descartes’ thought is determined by doubt, while Plato’s thought is determined by wonder. For Han, artificial intelligence is neutral, meaning it does not Courage (Passion). It is only able to calculate.

Pablo Haya explains that “there are people who define intelligence as the ability to solve problems. So these applications will be intelligent, because they solve problems. However, for this expert, intelligence implies conscious is by the fact of being. One who thinks thinks. “Besides being aware, Human beings are sentient and for this we need a nervous system which generates hunger, desire, fear etc. feeling happy is the end of a process that is expressed through language and you understand it because you feel and know, and you interpret what happiness is because we have shared semantics, even though you Interpret it in your own way. right now, We are far from reaching a conscious intelligence. The machine only imitates human language. We still don’t know how to define consciousness, imagine trying to emulate it.

On the prospect of one day being able to move beyond soft artificial intelligence models (Soft) such as GPT-3, to Artificial General Intelligence (Rigorous) Haya confirmed that it would be the conscious intelligence and «Right now it’s science fiction and there’s no plan to get there.”

“For this reason,” he says, “the ChatGPT tries not to get into controversial issues, Like abortion, migration etc. He has already been trained for this. In these cases the machine cannot contain the truth, as it works by putting sentences together in a probabilistic manner without any real meaning. At most, you can provide an aggregation of what you’ve gathered on the internet, but the fact that it’s the one that appeared most often doesn’t mean it’s the right one.

«It is an epistemological question as to who defines what is truth. And there are issues on which consensus does not exist, even in science”, he concluded.

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