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According to doctors, a 5% goal is most realistic when losing weight. magazine

overweight Increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. But while these seem to be distant threats, the fact is that it currently affects quality of life, even when the person is young and feeling healthy. It becomes tiring to be active, there is low energy and sleep problems.

Poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to weight gain, but there are other reasons as well. Age is one of them. As we add years, it becomes easier to add pounds.

Lean muscle mass tends to decline with age, especially after age 40. “Muscles burn calories 24/7. If you have less muscle, your body burns fewer calories and gains weight faster.Dr. Walter Willett of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health says. He advises:

Don’t just focus on body mass index (BMI). It can remain stable while gaining fat and losing muscle.

Subcutaneous fat is concentrated not only in the waist. Photo: shutterstock

Don’t just look at the waist., see how the clothes fit everywhere. The weight is often felt before you can see it.

Even if you haven’t officially hit overweight numbers, don’t wait until then. An extra five or ten pounds will be effective, says Willett.

The 5% solution for those who want to lose weight in a sustainable way

You need to have realistic expectations to be successful in this endeavor. Willett explains that it’s better to lose weight quickly over a few weeks, because the latter won’t be able to maintain it.

How to get 5%? Aim to lose half a pound to one pound a weekuntil you lose 5% of your current weight.

“Even with this minor loss, people would feel successful, because it would reduce some health risks, especially to the heart,” Willett says.

If you want to continue, Focus on 5% more, and when you do, repeat the cycle if necessary.

The main goal is to find a pattern of healthy eating and activity that you can maintain, and don’t become obsessed with losing a lot of weight as quickly as possible.

Why? Because of the emotional component. Personal problems also affect weight, making them eat more and less quality food, and exercise less. Some people eat to ease their sadness or loneliness. Add to that the agony of losing the pounds and not making it.

Identify the elements in your life that are sabotaging your efforts, and decide how to deal with them. Weight gain can be a symptom of an underlying problem.

What to do to achieve the goal of 5% in weight loss?

Diet and exercise is still the best recommendation. Reducing carbohydrates, especially refined sugar and starches, causes the body to burn more fat for energy. Stop drinking juices, colas and other sweetened drinks. Many simple carbohydrates fool us because they come in liquid form.Indica Willett.

Sweetened drinks hide a lot of calories. Photo: shutterstock

then look to refined grains, such as white rice, white wheat, and pasta, and replace them with whole grains that haven’t been milled, Preferably, as they will balance your sugar levels.

  • Swap out your everyday tableware for smaller plates, bowls, glasses and cups.
  • Use measuring cups to serve food.
  • Do not eat while watching TV or on the phone.
  • Do any exercise you enjoy, 150 minutes per week, plus two strength-training sessions to build muscle. (I)
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