According to Palao looking for workers for his new construction company: “Personnel are always needed”

According to Palao looking for workers for his new construction company:

Palao said It gave life to a new project that I had been dreaming of for a long time and needed staff.

According to Palao, he is looking for workers to work in his new construction company. The 30-year-old fulfilled his dream and announced that he now has his own construction company, a project he has been dreaming of for many years. A real boy faces criticism by keeping his mouth shut and going about his business.

Through social networks, the boyfriend of Alejandra Baigorria He spoke to his followers who had many questions about his construction company and the ‘Samurai’ was surprised to announce that he would be looking for workers to work for his company.

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According to Palao, they are looking for workers to be hired

The reality boy opened the question box on his Instagram account to answer users’ questions. Among them, he received a question about the possibility of opening job vacancies in his construction company and he assured that yes.

“Would you like to offer some vacancies for your new business?”they asked him and he did not hesitate to answer: “Yes, staff are always needed in various construction processes and I always quote suppliers”said the athlete, assuring that he will find people who want to be part of this project.

If you are interested in knowing about the vacancies available in Said Palao’s company, you can follow them on their official social networks, you can find them as LS group where they will definitely announce what the positions and requirements are for each.

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Palao said he is excited to announce the establishment of his company

The member of ‘This is war‘ announced on his social networks the creation of his own construction company. The reality boy confessed all the sacrifices he made to achieve this great success.

“Behind all of this there were many stages in my life of sacrifices to achieve a step as big as this: I sold my car (I didn’t have it for more than a year), I used all my savings, loans. , I sold my shares in the family business and more (…) Every sacrifice brings its reward and for me it is the most satisfying, I know that there are many more dreams to come true and this would not be a reality without the support of my family, girlfriend and friends, they are serious basis for all this. , beyond happiness,” wrote.

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