According to reports, Jodie Allen is “not happy” with the Sixox’s fight. How does he address them?

Her biography in the Seahawks media guide begins: “Jodie Allen is the head of the Seattle Seahawks and a proud 12 person.”

But for more than three years after her brother, Paul Allen, died in October 2018, leaving the management of the Seahawks to Jody, she became largely a mysterious woman.

That needs to change soon and in a big way, as the most important offseason of the decade for the Seahawks is approaching. The three pillars of the franchise – coach Pete Carroll, general manager John Schneider and star defender Russell Wilson – fall to Allen to determine the direction of the organization, with widespread speculation about the future.

This is a wild card that creates uncertainty for the future of the Seahawks. Will he try to put Wilson up for sale on Thursday, who has denied reports that he will relinquish his no-trade clause for the Giants, Broncos or Saints? Will they stay with Carroll, who has a contract until 2025, but is having his worst season as a Seattle coach at 70? What about Schneider, who has led a series of vague drafts and Jamal Adams ’disappointing sales since winning the Super Cup?

Much may depend on Allen’s level of activity. Paul Allen was an enthusiastic but mostly hand-picked man who was praised for getting detailed reports from Schneider after each game and for giving the team the resources it needed to fight for the championship.

The only evidence of Jodi Allen’s thinking comes from a recent report by NFL Network spokesman Mike Garafolo. He reported that Allen was “very involved” in the team’s activities and that he was “not wrong” about the Seahawks ’results and did not consider their struggles to be just a one-year game. Garafolo later clarified the final comment, tweeting: “It doesn’t mean he’s ignoring a decade-long victory. The thing is, he’s competitive, competitive, and even wants to get it right for a year. ”

Allen, 62, has not given an interview to the media since his death when the team was taken over by Paul G. Allen Trust under his chairmanship. His only public statements were usually statements in a collective statement after the contract extension was signed. Jodi Allen’s solo public appearance at Lumen Field – the first stadium to be built to save her brother the Seahawks from moving to Los Angeles – took place in October 2019. He raised 12 Man Flag before the game, which was included in the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor after Paul Allen’s death.

The appearance was acknowledged in some places as a signal that Jodie Allen was going out for an “outing banquet” and the sale of the Seahawks, as she was fully committed to managing the team. Shortly after that incident, the Washington Post reported that the newspaper’s owner, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, was interested in buying the team.

By all accounts, Allen was really busy, even though he was behind the scenes. Carroll said he held his “normal” midfield meeting with Allen in October this year to discuss the team’s situation. He is said to play most of the games, sitting in the control room.

Now, the Seahawks ’2021 season decline reveals how Allen’s responsibilities as the team’s current owner and the intersection of his fierce fan status will be revealed.

When he was appointed executor of Paul Allen’s vast estate, Jodie said he would “do all I could to make Paul’s revelations come true.”

In the case of the Seahawks, that basically meant maintaining the status quo. Under his supervision, the Seahawks extended Carroll’s two-year contract until 2021 and then again until 2025.

The first of these extensions occurred two months after Paul Allen’s death, prompting Carroll to praise Jody’s participation in the negotiations.

“Anyone over the age of 12, who cares about the Seahawks, will be very excited about how he feels about it and how he wants to go about it,” Carroll said. “He has a love and spirit for the region and the club. He should be in a very caring family. But he is ready to leave and I am excited for him. “

In January, with Allen’s consent, Schneider extended his contract for five years through the 2027 NFL Draft. In April, team president Chuck Arnold also received an extension until 2027. Allen also signed a $ 54 million contract extension for defender Bobby Wagner, a $ 70 million contract for Adams and a $ 140 million contract extension for Wilson. at the time of signing, the highest paid players in their positions.

All of these operations took place in the context of successful seasons. The Seahawks advanced to the playoffs and won two of their eight games in the 2021 season. Seattle’s first two-game losing season since 2009 (Jim Mora’s first and last season as a coach), the dynamics could be different if the Seahawks don’t win at least four of their last five games.

Jodi Allen’s look at the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers team, inherited from her late brother, can be exemplary. Like the Seahawks, the Trail Blazers are also performing well after several years of strong regular seasons, but after an early playoff. Long-time coach Terry Stotts resigned after the Blazers lost in the first round of the playoffs last season.

The important difference is that Trail Blazers is also in the midst of an internal crisis related to the toxic work environment in their offices. Team president and GM Neil Olshey was fired last week after a workplace misconduct investigation launched by Allen.

These problems are not part of the Seahawks equation. But that shows that Jodie Allen isn’t opposed to making some tough decisions on the teams she manages.

Soon, we’ll see how broad the changes are, if any, that he thinks are necessary to get the Seahawks back on track.


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