According to the OECD, inflation in Argentina will exceed 250% and the economy will shrink by 2.3% in 2024. Xavier Miley | GDP Poverty World

 According to the OECD, inflation in Argentina will exceed 250% and the economy will shrink by 2.3% in 2024.  Xavier Miley |  GDP  Poverty  World

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Released a worrying report on Argentina’s economy, predicting that its inflation will exceed even 250% In 2024, with an economic decline of 2.3%. In the context of the monetary and fiscal policies under review under the administration of President Xavier Miley, this gloomy forecast highlights the magnitude of the economic challenges facing the country.

Inflation situation in Argentina It reached critical levels due to political decisions and global market fluctuations. oecd It said this represents a significant jump in inflation, which is expected to reach 250.6%. 134.5% Registered in 2023. Furthermore, Argentina’s economy will experience contraction. 2.3%Signals a recession that will affect the well-being of the population and general economic stability.

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OECD fears negative scenario for Argentina’s economy

report of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is a comprehensive analysis on Argentina’s economy in 2024 that highlights the relevant challenges facing the country. In addition to the 250.6% inflation projection and 2.3% recession, the OECD expects an economic recovery by 2025, with projected GDP growth of 2.7% and inflation falling to 64.7%. The report underlines the importance of adopting effective economic policies to deal with the current complex situation and lay the foundation for a sustainable recovery.

President Xavier Miley has implemented a number of economic measures aimed at tackling inflation and stabilizing the economy. These include price liberalization and a devaluation of the argentine peso To encourage investment and improve the competitiveness of Argentine exports. However, the policies have also raised concerns about their short-term effects on inflation and economic stability.

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reports that estimate Inflation of 250.6% In Argentina, the paradox is revealed with a significant increase 134.5% by 2023, Impact of the policies of President Xavier Miley,

What is the inflation situation in Argentina?

inflation in argentina This has become one of the most serious problems for the national economy, with projections showing that the trend will worsen in 2024. The rise of inflation affects all segments of Argentine society, as it increases the cost of living and reduces the purchasing power of citizens. The reasons for this phenomenon are multiple and complex, including domestic economic policies, global inflation pressures, and country-specific market dynamics.

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Prices of goods and services rise, hindering people’s ability to meet basic needs Food, Housing and Health, Furthermore, inflation can create economic uncertainty and impact investment and employment. This poses challenges for planning expenditures and savings, as it affects both individuals and companies.


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