Accused of extortion: even an electronic bracelet did not allow him to be released

Accused of extortion: even an electronic bracelet did not allow him to be released

A criminal who allegedly threatened strangers to break into their homes and harm their loved ones to better get money from them couldn’t convince a judge to let him go, even with an electronic bracelet .

Michelangelo Bonny would have been in the habit of presenting himself as a collector. His role? Arrange for people who owe money to pay. To achieve his goals, the accused would have gone as far as threatening to destroy the house of an individual or kill the mother of another, we recently learned as part of his investigation into the release, of Laval courthouse.

“It’s time to pay,” said the defendant who wrote to an unknown woman in October 2022. The latter also did not know why they tried to get the money from her, it was summed up during the hearing.

In February, he allegedly warned an individual that he would break the windows of his house if he did not pay $55,000.

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He then carried out his threats. In the following days, the alleged victim actually received a visit from an intruder, who smashed the door of his residence with a hammer, before fleeing.

Betrayed by the cameras?

Michel-Ange Bonny was allegedly betrayed by surveillance cameras in a hardware store near his home, which filmed him buying a… hammer.

He was arrested and later charged earlier this year in connection with this latest incident in Laval.

But he convinced a judge to let him go, by promising good behavior.

But the man would not hesitate to flout his conditions and do it again by extorting another stranger this summer.

He is said to have warned one man that he must pay up immediately if he does not want to have “more rock and roll visits”, in addition to threatening to attack his family.

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Bonny was arrested again this fall.

During the search of the accused’s house, the police found two cell phones linked to the phone number used to make the threats. They also seized checks worth $225,000 as well as several luxury items worth $65,000, including a diamond-encrusted Rolex watch.

The accused also drove a black Tesla Y, which was seen during the investigation several times, it was explained in the hearing.

However, if the accused seems to have led a very busy life, he only declared “peccadilloes” in taxes in recent years, mourned judge Yanick Laramée, refusing to give him a second time and instead ordered his detention until the end of the cases. .

Lots of breaks

He also noted his numerous violations of conditions. One who cannot leave the territories of Laval and Montreal actually takes the liberty of leaving the entire province, to go to Toronto.

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To justify himself, he told the judge it was just because he wanted to go to a Blue Jays game.

He proposed to be released with an electronic bracelet, at his own expense ($500/month), but the magistrate decided that this would not prevent him from doing it again, because the crimes were committed using the phone.

He is also facing fraud charges. In particular, he allegedly usurped the identity of an individual to rent a luxury residence in Laval. The defrauded individual apparently realized the problem when a bailiff demanded more than $5,000 from him for months of unpaid rent.

Bonny is scheduled to return to court next month in Laval. He also has an extortion file in Montreal.