ACS grows in Canada with 3,750 million light rail contracts


ACS continues to be successful in North America. Group headed by Florentino Perez Calgary to build Light Rail Green Line in Canada, It is one of the largest infrastructure initiatives planned in the country, with a value reaching up to 4,900 million Canadian dollars (3,750 million euros at current exchange rates). The Spanish company, through its subsidiaries Dragados and Flatiron, has won the contract by competing in two consortiums, a common strategy of the group led by the president of Real Madrid.

It remains only to clarify who will be the partners with ACS in the execution of this project. in one hand, Through its subsidiary in Dragados, CanadaCityLink participates in the Partners Consortium, of which the Spanish company is also a part. driveand american firm Akon, Parsons and Akom, for other, Flatiron, ACS . American subsidiary ofjoined forces with Barnard Constructors and WSP of CanadaFormation of the Bow Transit Connectors Consortium.

Following a request for qualification, the two alliances have been selected to submit their final proposals to execute the first phase of the new light rail line in Calgary, Alberta, within an expansion plan to the north and south of the infrastructure. Bids are expected in the third quarter of 2022 and the selection of the winning association is scheduled for early 2023. Construction will begin in early 2024.

The Green Line project has investment commitments from the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta and the City of Calgary. Phase 1 involved the execution of 20 kilometers, between Shepard in the south-east of the city and Eau Claire in the center, the new line covers a distance of 46 kilometers—the second phase would run between Eau Claire and 16 avenue N. ,

ACS and Acciona have Canada as one of their priority markets globally, On several occasions they have competed in various federations, but in the past they have also formed alliances to fight for larger projects. This was the case, for example, on the Windsor-Essex Parkway highway in Ontario, of which both companies had sold 75% of their shares (33% each) a few days earlier by transferring them to Connor, Clark and Lun Infrastructure. and Desjardins Global Asset Management.

For the ACS, Canada is the fourth country in terms of income and portfolio after the United States, Australia and Spain., Currently, its order volume in this market is 3,057 million euros, which is 5% of the total. For its part, Acciona also has extensive experience in Canada, particularly in the area of ​​building large transportation infrastructure, although it has also developed water and energy projects.