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Actors and actresses who refused to use doubles and risked their lives for a scene

Being a movie star is an exciting job, and if you’re good at it, you can achieve fame through roles that audiences will never forget. Actors and actresses of all generations have given their performances on their chest, though sometimes at the cost of their own health.

It is obvious that the name that has come in your mind is that of Tom Cruise, whom we are going to talk about without fail in this list.


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But the Mission Impossible and Top Gun star isn’t the only one who plays the Hollywood type to get the right scene without resorting to a double.

Today, at Hobby Consoles, we review some of the Hollywood actors and actresses who risked their lives on the sets of their films for not using doubles,

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves As John Wick

When you see good old Keanu Reeves delivering more than an Amazon truck Movies Hallucinations from John Wick or The Matrix, and rightly so.

But when one realizes that many of the action sequences were shot by Keanu himself without the help of stuntmen, the feat becomes even more incredible.

It didn’t take long for the actor to opt for playing sports on set, and it’s a habit that dates back a long time speed: max power,

The actor trained in secret to be able to film the scene in which his character is dragged under the bus playing the antagonist. dennis hopperThe bomb was planted.

Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games

There’s no need to risk health by minimizing the appearance of a double, getting hauled by a bus or learning gun-fu at the master level.

a Jennifer Lawrence A Walk in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 was enough for him to demonstrate this statement.

It’s true that the actress walked through a smoke-filled tunnel and almost killed us in the process. Fortunately, the medical team on set prevented the breathing problem from becoming more serious.

Jason Statham


is another fan of doing things yourself Jason StathamWho drives a car on the streets of Nice as deftly as it jumps from one building to another.

In addition, he is also like Keanu Reeves from “Flying Kick While Reloading Brotherhood”. The actor has displayed his martial skills on several occasions.

All you have to do is take a look at Jason Statham’s filmography to see his addiction to adrenaline.

Of course, this routine has taken a toll on the actor, as he feels people expect him to outdo himself more and more.

Charlize Theron

Aeon Flux (2005)

Among the actresses who have played the most roles in action films and who have played the most types of roles, she is also out Charlize Theron,

The Oscar winner gave it her all on set era flow In 2004, she continued to exceed her limits until she was injured.

Theron injured her neck during filmingWhich had to be suspended for two months while the actress recovered in the hospital.

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky Iv

One of the biggest characters in Sylvester Stallone’s career, with permission from john ramboit is Rocky Balboa,

The quintessential boxing saga is a benchmark when it comes to sports movies, but it needs to raise the stakes with each installment.

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after seeing faces together Mr. Arab In Rocky III, Stallone added drama to the death of the fourth film. apollo cult and need revenge ivan drago (Dolph Lundgren).

Sly needed to prove his performance, so he asked the Swede to throw an actual punch at him. Lundgren was overjoyed and almost gave good old Stallone a fit.who suffered a minor cardiomegaly from the tremendous punch he unleashed.

isla fischer

Now You See Me

Now You See Me may not be an action movie, strictly speaking, but that doesn’t mean its protagonist didn’t risk his health on set.

isla fischerFor example, she nearly drowned while filming a scene in which they had to rescue her from a water tank.

The actress’s dress got caught in some chains and she actually had to be rescued by the expert diver, who has been hired in the filming which also involved underwater.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Conan The Barbarian

Because of his multiple Mr. Olympia championship winning physique, Arnold Schwarzenegger He is such an actor for whom double is not found just like that.

In fact, the Terminator and Conan star learned to defend himself long enough to thrive in the industry and not get into trouble.

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Age isn’t something that changes: After his years as governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger still has an enviable physique.

so much so that, during the filming of last challengeHis co-star Johnny Knoxville, who was not good with action sequences, was embarrassed to see the veteran perform them himself.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie And Tomb Raider

with movies like Mr and Mrs Smith hey Salt In his filmography, Angelina Jolie One of our first person action addicts.

In Salt, for example, we see him walking through a doorway or along the cornice of a building. We say “we see him” because he is himself all the time, he didn’t use any doubles in the whole movie.

Her personal trainer claims that 99% of the action sequences in her career have been performed by Angelina Jolie herself.

Michael J. Fox

Back To The Future 3

While Filming Back to the Future III, Another Who Got to Meet His Maker Was Much Older Michael J. Fox,

During a scene in which Marty McFly has a noose literally around his neck, the actor was actually suspended in the air, resulting in him being hanged.

Crews filming the scene were able to get Fox out of position before the actor was gone forever, but no one can take away the scare.

Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible Deadly Judgment Tom Cruise

Do you have to measure the facade of a skyscraper? Tom Cruise. Flying helicopters on set? Tom Cruise. Hanging out of a plane while it’s taking off? Tom Cruise. Skydive multiple times a day? Look, everything to Tom Cruise.

The actor is famous across the globe for continuing to give his all in each and every shoot he does. The Mission Impossible franchise wouldn’t be the same without its sovereign insanity.

A Top Gun: Maverick, exceeded the recommended flight time limit even for professional fighter pilotsjust to take advantage of one day of nice weather.

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There are many actors who pretend to be action heroes, but there are also action heroes who want to be Tom Cruise.

These are just a few names of Hollywood stars who take the gamble of filming without stuntmen, but they are not the only ones. Can you think of any other example?

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