Actors sign letter condemning expulsion and censorship of Melissa Barrera for her support of Palestinians

Scream 7: Actors sign letter condemning firing and censorship of Melissa Barrera for her support of Palestinians

Not everyone will be silent. After the scandalous dismissal of Melissa Barrera, who starred in Scream 7 Actors and directors from the United Kingdom have signed a letter to condemn the retaliation, and outright censorship, faced by some members of the industry for expressing their concern about the violation of human rights of the people Palestinian because of the armed conflict between Israel. and Gaza.

Who is supporting Melissa Barrera after she was fired from Scream 7?

In a letter, the British organization Artist for Palestine UK condemned acts of censorship, such as the removal of Melissa Barrera for protecting innocent Palestinians in Gaza, against members of their country’s cultural guild. Among the famous signatories we have, for example, is Oscar winner Olivia Colman. More than a thousand people have signed the open letter in which they regret that there is a double standard when attention is paid to the human rights violations of the inhabitants of that region of the Middle East:

Far from supporting our calls to end the violence, many cultural institutions in Western countries have systematically suppressed, silenced and discredited Palestinian voices and perspectives. This includes targeting and threatening the source of income of artists and art workers who express solidarity with the Palestinians, as well as the cancellation of shows, performances, speeches, exhibitions and book launches.

The letter continues and says that, especially for a sector that cares to raise its voice about many social problems, the attacks against the residents of Gaza and the living conditions they face as a result of Israel’s blockade of the region is a taboo subject.. They consider it a prejudice that needs to be addressed by different institutions:

We find this deeply troubling and, frankly, indicative of a disturbing double standard that expressions of solidarity, readily offered to others facing brutal oppression, are also not offered to those Palestinians. Such a difference raises serious questions about bias in the response to serious human rights violations.

Barrera, who previously published about the high number of civilian deaths in Gaza, was used as an excuse to separate him from his leading role in the popular horror franchise. Fortunately, the public is extending their support through a digital campaign through #JusticeForMelisaBarrera. But until now, it is not known if he has another project prepared.

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Currently, Scream 7 He also lost Jenna Ortega, another popular performer who played the sister of Barrera’s character, allegedly due to scheduling issues, but whose announcement was made suspiciously close to scandal because of her partner. All this brings the production with a creative change that aims to find a new story and have different protagonists.