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Adam Kotas: The Priest Away From The Catholic Church Who Revolutionized TikTok

If you hear the pronunciation of Adam Kotas, you know he was not born in Latin America. If you listen to his message on Tiktok, then you will know that he is not even from the Catholic Church.

He was born 38 years ago on 15 November in Poland. The lands of Karol Josef Wojtyla inherited a new minister of faith, without thinking that it would be unlike the one who served as supreme pontiff between 1978 and 2005.

Kota went to the madrassa and was ordained as a priest at a very young age, but not in his country, but in the United States. According to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, he received his investment in the state of California.

Years later he left for Mexico and made the area his permanent residence. There, he perfected his Spanish and virtually devoted himself to performing to the public. The pandemic forced it.

Until then, he was not a part of the Catholic Church. He joined the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC), which, judging by the messages of this Polish priest, is a very different denomination from the traditional one.

The Mexican newspaper Millenio is among those who revealed their strange story. The meaningless mass, message in double meaning or interpretation and colloquial words with which he does not try to judge sinners, but gives them a verbal blast of reality, when guilt is present.

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Adam Kotas: His controversial resignation from the Catholic Church

The pulpit was taken to the social network. This is the premise that Adam Kotas already speaks of in expanding his message into generalized virtuality.

Reaching that point was not easy. Settling in Mexican territory and learning Spanish was part of a process that included local idioms and a few more, if we take into account the colloquial way that he speaks in his people.

According to the statement from the Diocese of Santa Rosa California, his separation from the Catholic Church was a bit abrupt.

“The Roman Catholic Church is not in communion with the Polish National Catholic Church, which was founded in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Adam Kotas is prohibited from performing any sacraments or any other ministry on behalf of the Catholic Church. “,

It is necessary to mention that the Polish National Catholic Church was founded in Chicago, United States, by a group of priests dissatisfied with the division in the institution, as they were not allowed, among other things, to function in their native language. . This nomination was established with clear objectives.

“…believe that a way can be found to address this unfortunate divide that has occurred among Catholics in the United States,” they say in a joint statement from 2006, which read in an official document. Is.

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Viral Masses of Tiktok and Adam Kotas

As part of another denomination, away from the Catholic Church, Adam Kotas left for Mexico and there he found an important position of parishioners who had a similar view of traditional Catholicism as he did.

The pandemic has made him circulate his mass on YouTube, where he has an official account, on Facebook (since 2018) and on TikTok, where accounts like @amy262116 help make his messages go viral.

“I Had Too Many Friend Requests (On FB)”commented.

But what kind of Eucharist does he believe that enrages his former church and its traditional parishioners?

“If God can move mountains, the Bible says He (sic) cannot touch the little heart that your husband has. Your husband has a very small… heart, heart, all right. Why are you laughing? I know them, dirty mind.,

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Its face-to-face audience is large, but not like a virtual one. His live messages are joined by thousands of Internet users who listen to what he has to say, even if it may mean a double meaning message among his listeners.

“Say to the person next to you: ‘My life is hard’ (laughter to them). Like yes? That’s what I said”, he replies to a woman who wanted to show him her perceived grammatical construction error, telling him It sounds better: “My life is hard”.

Father Kotas gave him the microphone explaining what he meant, but another woman explained to him that it could be taken with a double meaning.

In the end, the situation erupted in laughter and netizens, who watched the situation live, believed that the double reading comes from consciousness.

“No words spoken wrongly, but only misinterpreted, sinners”One of his followers on Tiktok said.

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The Difference Between Confessions, According to Priest Adam Kotas

Being part of the Catholic Church and, now accepting from, the Polish Catholic Church, there were clear differences according to priest Adam Kotas.

“‘Dad, how am I going to confess to you? How sweet and innocent you are…’ If they knew what to listen to, people would tell me everything … with details and not poor people Poor father!counted among his anecdotes.

Speaking of the distant styles between one church and another, this pole states that he does not mind knowing the details of the sins admitted by the parishioners.

“What do I care! I don’t need to know how it happened or to whom it happened, I just need to know what happened, what did I bring you chenna!”A phrase similar to chili: Why did I bring you?

However, his former home says he has been banned.

“Adam Kotas is forbidden from performing any sacraments or any other ministry on behalf of the Catholic Church. God’s people should not approach him for any religious ceremony.”Assures part of the statement published in Mexican Medium Debate.

However, Kotas doesn’t seem to care about the situation. Faith and modernity have forced him to approach those who like him have a different concept of membership.

“With the help of technology and some nice and generous people, I was able to set up a decent camera and computer equipment in my parish in Clearlake; My ‘online ministry’ was well received and I also did online Bible studies in English and Spanish during the pandemic. Guaranteed in the beginning.

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