Adele reveals her son Angelo is “obsessed” with Billie Elisho

launch of 30 For Adele It was a rebirth for the singer both personally and professionally. The album, released in November last year, focuses on themes such as pain, acceptance and hope, with the theme darling A dedication and apology to his son Angelo, of whom are involved in the domestic audio project.

Elle magazine (in both the UK and the US) has just published a photo report and a very intimate interview with the artist, which they have followed closely during the months of June and July, revealing that he’s so much love, that he’s in a really good moment mentally and that Her son is “obsessed” with Billie Elishoamong other things.

After living in the United States, first at home and then in New York after visiting her partner, sports agent Rich Paul, media reports that the British woman returned to London in June to take her son to see the singer. Can go happier than ever On his UK tour, in addition to fulfilling other professional commitments, such as performing in Hyde Park.

Adele assures that the younger is “obsessed with him”, “He goes straight to his room after school, reads all his songs and then wants to comment on them,” he declares.

the singer easy on me Comments that he is also obsessed, but with his partner. She has celebrated the year of relationship with Paul. “I’ve never been in love like this. I’m obsessed with him,” she says. And to the phrase “You fell madly in love with her” by the interviewer, the singer replies “and beyond.”

With Mind in Your Residence in Las Vegas

In addition to giving reasons to stop promoting her latest album, Adele has also stated that she is at her residence in Las Vegas.

In early January, the cast canceled these shows, very sad and disappointed because of logistics and planning problems, as deliveries were delayed and it was impossible to complete them on time.

The new concerts will take place at the Colosseum at the end of the year and conclude an extended era of 30. The Weeknd With Adele They will be held on Fridays and Saturdays each weekend.


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