Adopt an Axolotl! UNAM launches the Adoptaxolotl 2024 campaign

 Adopt an Axolotl!  UNAM launches the Adoptaxolotl 2024 campaign

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) launched this Adoptaxolotl 2024 campaign to promote awareness of its protection, with a strategy where you can donate money or even adopt an amphibian of this species.

The axolotl is in danger of extinction, so it is necessary to understand its conservation as a situation that concerns society in general, to take care of its habitat and to develop strategies that allow people to interact more with these animals said researcher from the UNAM Institute of Biology, Luis Zambrano González.

In 1998 there were 6,000 axolotls per square kilometer. The last census was in 2014 and there were only 36.

Thanks to these censuses, we realized that the species is in danger of extinction and that if we do nothing, it will be lost to the wild in a few years.

Adopt An Axolotl! Unam Launches The Adoptaxolotl 2024 Campaign

He warned that the Amphibians and Xochimilco are in danger due to pollution, urbanization and introduction of alien species.

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The UNAM laboratory promoted actions for the study and conservation of the species, including the creation of colonies of this species of salamander, the rehabilitation of chinampas, the establishment of refuges, the creation of the chinampas label and the campaign.

In a press conference, he explained that currently 36 biodiversity protected areas have been created, 71 biofilters have been installed to improve water quality, and 40 chinampas and 5.5 kilometers of canals have been renovated.

The campaign coordinator Adopt axolotls Diana Laura Vázquez Mendoza stated that from November 2022 to September 2023, more than 456,000 pesos were collected with 498 donations (including adoptions of axolotls and chinampas); Schools, businesses, civil society, universities and the British Embassy joined in.

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Adopt An Axolotl! Unam Launches The Adoptaxolotl 2024 Campaign

These resources will be used to maintain the experimental colony of 120 axolotls, which will soon be moved from the Institute of Biology to the pavilion for visitors to admire.

The 18 producers working with the Chinampa Refuge Program are also supported, as the average cost of rehabilitation is 400,000 pesos and their semi-annual maintenance is 200,000 pesos.

How do I adopt an axolotl?

The platform offers the possibility of donating money or virtually adopting an axolotl, from which, thanks to a microchip, you will receive information about its health status and receive a certificate for this work carried out for six months or a year.

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Products such as T-shirts, mugs and other items can also be purchased online, with proceeds benefiting the IB for this project.

There will also be “Night for the Axolotl,” which will be held at the Lebanese Center to raise money to adopt 25 specimens for at least six months.

This activity will take place on November 29th.