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Adverse effects of Ozempic, the diabetes drug that promises to lose 10 kilos in three months

on the issues and trends of weight loss It seems that gurus and experts are spread on every corner. with the birth of the network, drugs and ‘Miracle’ Diet They are already a daily item consumed by audiences of all ages. The problem is that a lot of misinformation is spreading faster and faster and remains credible and trustworthy to a wide segment of the population, despite how harmful its consequences can be. they spend every year 2,300 million euros in “miracle products” Losing weight without scientific basis. And more than 67% of nutrition information is without a basis or even clear empirical evidence.

In this sense, after all kinds of substances, products, materials and methods, Drugs Intended for the treatment of other maladies is gaining strength in this area. A few months ago, one of them attracted the attention of public opinion and was positioned as an effective weapon for the treatment of obesity. ozempic, Although its main compound is (Semaglutide) Its purpose is to cure diabetes.

Semaglutide is a drug that mimicss incretin hormone What do we produce when we eat? The most important are GIP and GLP-1. One of its functions is to help the pancreas produce insulin and Lower blood sugar level. Hence, it is a very effective line of treatment for diabetes. On the other hand, it controls appetite. For this reason, some endocrinologists prescribe it to people obese or overweight.

The drug, marketed under the brand name Ozempic, costs around $900 (about 923 euros) per dose and is causing a sensation among the public. celebrities and celebrities, Some influential people like Kim Kardashian or Elon Musk have declared that they have integrated it into their weight loss routine. weight loss of more than 20% on average, A great result that has raised many hopes. the fact that there’s also going to be lack of supply In some pharmacies for patients with diabetes for whom it is intended.

Professionals already warn that there could be “intermittent availability” through 2023 if demand continues to rise. However, the ‘second life’ of this drug is also causing adverse effects. Nevertheless, at the scale it promises, the achievement of losing 10kg in a matter of three months, may make the benefits outweigh the risks derived from its approved use. In fact, on popular networks like Tiktok, hashtag #ozempic It has been viewed over 200 million times. There, you can see users who are not even obese recommending to others what dose is working for them, even without a professional prescription. What are the risks of this practice? We tell you.

Adverse effects for non-diabetics

It is important to note that this drug Great Benefits for Treating Diabetes And it is capable of reducing the risk of other derivative problems such as heart attack, stroke or death due to this disease. However, and despite the fact that it has also shown effective results in weight loss, it must be controlled strictly regulated by a professional So that you do not experience adverse effects related to it. In fact, this drug is recommended for cases of obesity or overweight in which endocrinologists or medical experts consider its use necessary or beneficial in a controlled manner.

In cases where none of these are pathological and are used individually, the effects can be very harmful to the body. After nausea, The most common adverse effect reported by those who have tried it is food aversion.lack of tolerance to certain foods, There are other serious ones which can seriously affect the health. from them pancreatitisGallbladder disease and diabetic retinopathy, as well as a long-term ‘rebound’ effect, are some of the problems this medicine can cause if not used under professional prescription.

Similarly, there is little data on what happens when people suddenly stop taking them. Experts summarize the dangers in which a drug designed for a chronic disease such as diabetes is not made to report rapid and miraculous results in other maladies. On the other hand, it can also produce negative ‘attachment’ Derived from the intolerance of these foods at the time of treatment.

In this sense, after its revolution on the Internet, the critical voices of experts have also emerged, and even specific cases have proved it. Dani De La Garza, A nutritionist who also shares videos about the risks present in popular trends in this area wanted to warn about the dangers of self-medication with Ozempic.

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After explaining and praising its benefits in the context of diabetes, he highlights other hazards Regarding a drug it describes as ‘strong’ if a line of treatment is not undertaken as prescribed by a professional. Among them the following stand out:

  • Tumor in the thyroid gland
  • pancreatitis
  • seizures
  • development of type II diabetes
  • stroke

Apart from all that, experts suggest that the drug should be taken progressive method So that the body learns to tolerate it and produces safe and effective results. “If you don’t gradually increase the dosage, your pancreas can stop working and obviously, you’ll also go back to the weight you were,” he says.

The latter, he highlights, is because those drugs are called ”Teacher”, that, if they are not accompanied by diet, exercise and good habits, They fix the starting weight. In case of doing it under medical supervision, from professional sources, it is recommended in cases of obesity, the treatment of which must be combined with a routine of healthy habits that must be maintained over time to maintain the results. . However, there are still no studies that assess its effects upon discontinuation. For this reason, they require discretion and a progressive intake to gauge the body’s response to stimuli in their results and satiety.

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