How do I know how much is in my pension fund?

 AFP 2023: How do I know how much is in my pension fund?  |  ANSWERS

Discovering the current balance of your pension fund has become easier than ever. If you are wondering how to access this important information, in this note we provide you with the important steps to know how much you have accumulated in your AFP and thus make informed decisions about your financial future; plus other information you should know about the subject.


It must be considered that each AFP at the national level has a general record of all contributions, it can be viewed on the website or application of entities, it can be AFP Integra, Prima, Habitat and Profuturo.

  • AFP Integra: if you are a member of this administrator, you can enter the following link:
  • Prima AFP: Enter the following page that we put below: and in “My account” you enter your ID number and password.
  • AFP Habitat: to review the status of this AFP account you must go to
  • Profuturo AFP: if you are an affiliate of this AFP you can enter to see your account statement.
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As can be seen on some platforms, to make a query about where the AFP belongs, it must be done as follows:

  • Go to the “Registration” option in SBS Services online.
  • Read the conditions of use. If you agree with it, declare it and click “Next”.
  • You will be asked for your ID number and email. We recommend that you have your identification document with you so that you can complete your registration successfully.
  • Once registered, select the “Pension Situation Report” option and that’s it. This way you will know which AFP you are.

If you are a foreigner, click on the corresponding option found in point 3.


The choice between the Pension Fund Administrator (AFP) and the Pension Normalization Office (ONP) system in Peru requires a series of important financial decisions that directly affect the economic future of workers during their retirement.

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In the AFP scheme, the amount of pension one receives is strongly influenced by two basic factors: the level of savings accumulated over a working life and the profit generated by investments. In this system, the responsibility rests with the individual to manage their contribution and make strategic decisions on how to invest their funds.

On the other hand, the ONP model takes a different approach. Here, workers’ contributions are added to a common fund that will serve as the source of pensions for many beneficiaries. However, one important aspect distinguishes this scheme from AFPs: in ONP, individual contributions do not generate profit. This means that, regardless of the amount accumulated in the fund, no further increase can be obtained through investments.

This marked difference in the generation of profits directly affects the size of the pensions that workers can expect. Those who choose AFP have the opportunity to optimize their savings and stimulate fund growth through smart investment decisions. On the other hand, those who choose ONP should consider that their pension will be determined in large part by the amount contributed, without additional factors of investment performance.

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Ultimately, choosing between AFP and ONP involves a careful evaluation of retirement goals, investment capacity, and risk tolerance. Workers should consider these important factors when making decisions about their long-term financial security.


Entities called Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) are established as private organizations that assume the responsibility of managing financial resources for retirement, within a framework of individual accounts.

These entities were born in 1993 and conduct their activity in the field of Private Pension System (SPP).

AFPs play a major role in providing benefits in the form of pensions, covering areas such as retirement, disability, and survivor protection. In addition, they also play a role in helping with funeral expenses.