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Monday, March 1, 2021

After all, who is that girlfriend of 68-year-old Putin, on whom the Russian President is looting the state treasury

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Political turmoil is once again seen in Russia. Alexei Navalny, considered the greatest enemy of President Vladimir Putin, has returned to Russia and reopened. Recently, he was poisoned, due to which his health in the aircraft itself deteriorated a lot. Although he narrowly survived. Now he is arrested again after returning. Navalny has made several big revelations about the Russian President (Putin Girlfirend) on his blog. One of these claims is also about women in Putin’s life.

Navalny has said that Putin is engaged in plundering the state treasury over his alleged girlfriends. Not only this, he is also laundering immense wealth on his ex-wife and his 17-year-old daughter. It is claimed that 100 billion house has been built near Putin, which is near the Black Sea coast. This house is so luxurious that it has all kinds of amenities.

Who is Putin’s girlfriend


It has been claimed for some time that President Putin’s affair is with former Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva. Elina, 37, won a gold medal in gymnasts at the 2004 Olympics. Earlier, he received a bronze medal in the 2000 Olympics. Putin’s name was first associated in 2008 with Alina, born in 1983 in Uzbekistan. However, Putin, who divorced his wife in 2013, never said anything about his personal life. In 2016, Kabayeva was seen with a wedding ring.

Putin’s twins from girlfriends

In 2017, there were also rumors that he is pregnant. There were also claims that Alina became the mother of twins. Now Navalny has claimed that Putin is giving him big money from the state exchequer, on which the poor people of Russia have the right. Not only this, he also got Alina’s grandmother home in St. Petersburg with government money. Navalny also says that Putin has got two more houses for Elina’s grandmother. Elina’s official salary is Rs 75 crore annually and she controls the Russian media.

Maid’s bounty


Navalny has started a campaign against Putin after returning to Russia. AFP / File Photo

Navalani has written in her blog that Putin has also had relations with a maid named Kryvonogikh and that she is the mother of his children. She was a beautiful young girl, but now surprisingly she has become a rich woman. He even has a 118-foot yacht.

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