After announcing what content Palworld will add during Early Access, PocketPlayer adds some more without context

After announcing what content Palworld will add during Early Access, PocketPlayer adds some more without context

New boss is on the way survival But it remains to be seen whether they will be the ones who star in their “raid” or whether they will join the rest of the human-sail duo that already exists.

Palworld plans to add new bosses to its open world, PocketPairX (formerly Twitter) says respond fan Art From Zoe, the first boss most of us encounter, shared by one of her followers. It’s a slightly strange context to make announcements in general, especially if we take into account that the Japanese studio had already announced it several weeks ago early access plan of his success survival,

The writers of Paleworld haven’t provided any kind of context on the matter: where will their new bosses be located on the map? Will they use existing friends or new ones? When will they arrive? And perhaps most importantly, are these the same ones that were already on the official “roadmap”? Unanswered question, although at least the idea is new. trainer and creature couple Because data miners have already found a creature called Dark Mutant whose origin is still a question mark.

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To be fair, this way of communicating things fits with PocketPlayer’s history: As a reminder, early access for its previous game, Craftopia, was pulled amid vague development plans. This does not mean that the same will happen with Palworld, as it has a lot of scope and abandoning it midway would be a serious mistake for many reasons.

If you’re not familiar with Palworld encounters, its main bosses are the human and Pal couple who rule union watchtower, Players have a time limit to overcome them in battle and receive ancient technology points, among other rewards. The initial version has five: Zoe and Grizbolt, Lily and Lyleen, Axel and Orserk, Marcus and Faleris and finally Victor and Shadowbeak. Conquering them all requires some preparation.

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Palworld development

At the time of writing, Palworld has over 19 million players Recruited between Steam and Xbox. Its updates have focused on fixing bugs and making small control adjustments, among other things; And although its activity rate is decreasing, the game still remains on the crest of the wave, ahead of only CS2 in terms of simultaneous players.


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