After condemning DOJ report, the time for excuses is over for Joe Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks before President Biden arrives at an event on the campus of George Mason University in Manassas, Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024, to campaign for abortion rights, a top issue for Democrats in the upcoming presidential election .  (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The Democrats now face a serious problem – a candidate who is so old and mentally disabled that he cannot be prosecuted is being asked by voters to decide whether he is good enough to remain president. Is capable.

This is an important question voters will have to answer in the coming months after a Justice Department special counsel report raised questions about Joe Biden’s age and mental fitness.

One thing is clear: The time for excuses is over for Biden — no matter how many times Rachel Maddow says Biden is OK because he can ride a bike.

Even the liberal New York Times calls the DOJ report a “political disaster.”

The only reason special counsel Robert Hur did not recommend prosecuting Biden for possessing classified documents was because he did not think he could get a conviction based on his age, mental fitness and foggy memory.

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Hur wrote, “It would be difficult to convince a jury to find him guilty – by then he was a former president over 80 years old – of a serious crime that requires mental state.”

Hur described Biden as a “well-intentioned, elderly man with a failing memory” whose “abilities had diminished as he advanced in age.”

Now that’s a bumper sticker.

An angry Biden couldn’t even hold a three-minute press conference, designed to make him look competent, without making a major mistake — without confusing the presidents of Mexico and Egypt.

At a fundraiser this week, Biden twice claimed he had talked to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl about 2021. Kohl died in 2017.

In the wake of the DOJ report, some Republicans said they would call on the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, which provides for the removal of an incompetent president. This movement may gain momentum in the coming weeks.

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U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland that she had “serious concerns” about the Hur report and asked him to immediately revoke Biden’s presidency.

At the very least, the report has given Donald Trump a big boost and Democrats will begin openly speculating about replacing Biden with another Democrat in the primaries.

Pressed Thursday about why he would not recuse, Biden insisted, “Because I am the most qualified person in this country to be president of the United States and to finish the job I started.” ”

Of course, this is why Biden refused to even give a friendly Super Bowl interview for fear of making another big mistake.

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Now there is no question of debate. Democrats would never put 81-year-old Biden to that rigorous test.

If that were possible, the President’s job approval rating would now sink even lower. It is at 37% and about to reach an all-time low.

Biden is unlikely to advance beyond the convention. His mistakes and errors are becoming more and more noticeable and it is going to get worse leading up to the elections.

The Democrats, except true believers like Maddow, are in a complete panic.

The Democratic Party needs to figure out how to unify around Vice President Kamala Harris.

If they go to the conference and try to displace him, it’s going to get ugly and divisive.


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