After drinking a protein shake, the young man fell into a coma

After drinking a protein shake, the young man fell into a coma

A young woman of Spanish nationality, identified as Marta Pérez, has just completed a year in a coma, a state in which she ended up after drinking a protein shake.

According to information from media such as La Vanguardia, in September 2022, the young woman went to the gym with a friend. In the middle of training, Marta drank a drink containing pistachio, a nut to which she was allergic.

Marta had to go to the hospital a few hours later. At the health care center, doctors prescribe drugs to control the reaction; However, things did not improve and the young woman had to be admitted again, this time to the Intensive Care Unit, where she remained until December.

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The girl’s parents decided to transfer her from the medical center because where she was she was not receiving adequate care. With the help of fundraising, Marta was transferred to a private center, where she is currently receiving neurorehabilitation treatment.

The mother of the young woman whose life changed after drinking the protein shake is fighting for her daughter to continue receiving therapy, because she hopes that the unaffected parts of the girl’s brain can recover, and with this he can achieve a better life.

He developed sepsis after cutting himself with a bowling ball

An unexpected accident almost claimed the life of a British woman who cut her thumb on a bowling ball while playing the sport with her boyfriend. According to his story, the wound caused sepsis and he had to undergo emergency surgery.

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After a hard day of bowling, at night, the 33-year-old woman began to feel sick, so she decided to inform her partner, Jordan, because she “felt unbearable pain” in her injured finger. At that moment, they both realized that the skin on Harden’s arm was red, first in spots and then in lines.

Harden’s condition worsened over the course of the night and he woke up feeling weak, until he could barely move himself. In this way, her partner immediately took her to the emergency room and the doctors noticed the serious condition of the woman’s health, so they prioritized care.

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Experts quickly operated on Harden to eliminate the infection and prevent it from spreading further, without having to amputate his finger. “I tried to observe them. I felt them digging into the bone and felt a bit dizzy. I think I’m going to get bored. “I almost died,” he declared.