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Saturday, March 6, 2021

After meeting PM Modi, questions were raised on Priyanka Chopra’s clothes, the actress gave these answers

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Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has traveled from Bollywood to Hollywood, is in a lot of headlines these days with her book. Priyanka has revealed many big secrets related to her life in her book. At the same time, he also wrote about the controversy of 2017 in the book. With which she was quite trolled. He was trolled on social media for disrespecting PM Modi. Priyanka said that she was very angry on this matter. Along with this, she was also confused about this matter.

Actually, in the year 2017, his picture with PM Modi was going viral. She was in Berlin to promote the film ‘Baywatch’. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi arrived to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the same time, Priyanka met Prime Minister Modi and took photographs during that time. Priyanka trolled over these pictures. Priyanka was called much for her dress up. She was trolled on social media for her outfits.

Priyanka has mentioned this in her autobiography. Priyanka’s book is released on Tuesday. He has told about several contrasts in this book. He wrote in his book Unfinished – ‘I and the Prime Minister had stayed in the same hotel by Ittefaq and I approached his office and prayed to meet the Prime Minister’.

Trolls took place on dress

Priyanka said that she was there with her American friend and her brother. People were trolling him over his dress. She said that she has been wearing this dress ever since she was promoting her film Baywatch. On social media, people were trolled for sitting in front of the Prime Minister in an inauspicious position and appearing on foot.

Priyanka further said that she was also very angry and confused. She went to dinner with her mother. I was wearing a short skirt. People started sharing this picture on the internet. Along with this, it was written in the caption that this runs in his family. I felt that I should have presented myself in a respectful manner to PM Modi.


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