After stealing wood: is it forbidden to collect branches in the forest?

After stealing wood: is it forbidden to collect branches in the forest?

The demand for firewood has increased significantly. Now wood thieves have started doing mischief in the forests. But what is the legal position lying around the branches?


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  • Due to rising energy costs, many people are switching to alternative heating methods.
  • The demand for firewood is much higher at this time than in previous years.
  • Can wood and branches be taken out of the forest? explains.

Switzerland is at risk of an energy shortage in the coming winter. So the Federal Council called for, among other things, not to heat the interior above 19 degrees and to save electricity.

To get through the winter as cheaply as possible, more and more Swiss are turning to wood. Because firewood is also stolen from the forest in the canton of Zurich. A Zurich forester is aware of many such cases.

Do you heat with wood?

Still, Florian Landolt of the Forest Owners Association doesn’t believe wood theft will become more frequent. The prohibition limit in Switzerland is too high for it, not least because of its dense population.

“Most of our forests are not miles away. Suspicious activities are reported fairly quickly, ”Landolt warned. Furthermore, the forests are really only accessible to forest dwellers because of the driving restrictions.

So the events in Zurich should be an exception. At least the association’s spokesperson had not heard of any other recent timber thefts.

Take a handful of branches “no problem”

Since firewood is relatively cheap, stealing isn’t worth it anyway. A wooden star, that is, one cubic metre, usually costs less than 200 francs.

And what about the branches lying around – can you take them with you? Yes, Landolt says: “If you take home a handful of dead wood, it’s definitely not a problem.”

Plus, there’s enough wood for everyone this winter. Despite a significant increase in demand – it is ten times higher than a year ago – Landolt is optimistic: “We will not run out of firewood.”

After all, great demand is a “short-term phenomenon”, Landolt believes: “At the moment it’s like toilet paper during the corona crisis. Many people want to stock up to be on the safe side and then over a long period of time.” Nothing is needed.”

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