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After the scandal with her father, Pinone Fizzo’s daughter Sol’s final verdict

Children Entertained During One Of The One-Man Shows.  Instagram (Solicitofixed)
Children entertained during one of the one-man shows. Instagram (Solicitofixed)

sun gomez With his father, whom everyone knows fixed gear, on several tours in our country. his brother also joined Jeremiahand for a long time The whole family devoted itself to the circus and children’s entertainment business. However, since the conflict that remains Fabian Alberto Fomez– Such is the real name of the Joker – Away from their children, all the heroes express their point of view in their respective social networks. In the last few hours, a Exclusive details on the official website who adopted the surname so far solcito fixed,

On the virtual stage, the artistic name “Soy Solceto” is appreciated, instead of the previous one, And though she maintains the original on her Instagram user and her YouTube channel, the decision to have an alter ego linking herself to the famous artist feels like a symbol of a broken legacy. As he explained in the text posted on his profile, Five years ago he decided to break free from his father’s show and make your way. Furthermore, the beginning of her personal experience may leave behind a pseudonym that directly associates her with being Pinone’s daughter.

It should be remembered that Gomez published a special message implying that her children had refused her contact with their grandchildren and that led to them being rejected by Sol and Jeremiah, and even that he was accused of misbehavior. In this context, labor problems began, and one of the shows they had planned to give in Mendoza on the occasion of Children’s Day has already been cancelled. For this reason, he decided to use his social networks to issue a statement. hello friends say fabian gomez, the man who plays Piñón Fijo. need not say that These last days were difficult, not only for me but for those I love, adore and who suffer the consequences for my actions”, he expressed in the beginning.

Pinone And Her Daughter Sol, Pregnant With Luna, Her Firstborn: She Is Also The Mother Of Little Leon
Pinone and her daughter Sol, pregnant with Luna, her firstborn: she is also the mother of little Leon

And he continued: “As many people told me, discussions, misunderstandings, discoveries, reunions happen in all families, and we are no exception, those things happen in us too. I I must admit that I insist when it comes to defending my position, When I’m convinced of something, I don’t save energy fighting for what feels right to me, and sometimes it may not always happen objectively.

“A few days ago, before I went to sleep, my phone reminded me of a picture and it took me down with my defense. Mind ordered, my finger obeyed and my heart did its job too. As in That I said in a recent note, if I can rewind the scene and can’t do it, I will,” he reflected. “I know it’s hard to believe, but I never thought that this post would take so much dimension and cause so much pain especially in my kids. I’m sorry and sorry for that, I also need to learn that many times one who reads the other side with emphasis is received as an abuse or an insult. And if there’s a loved one on the other side, it’s much more serious“, He continued.

In this sense, he noted: “It’s a new time in society, which I celebrate. For this reason, the things I am passionate about, such as the ability I recognize to learn about new art and new technologies, I will also put them at the service of newly developed ways of connecting between humans. Young people, in my case, it’s good to do it hands-on with my kids.”

Furthermore, he addressed his audience: “I want to apologize for taking up so much space these days, and I’m ashamed. To those who made us dream that we will achieve harmony and peace, we say that it was not in vain, we listened to you and took care of you, and here we are trying to follow your valuable instructions. Finally, he mentioned his two sons: “And Above all for my children, who know what they are doing these days and what they are still doing, my commitment to cooperate so that they can regain their peace of mind, And follow the path they are taking with respect and dignity and the way they are doing it, which makes me proud”.

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