After the workers go home, a group of spectators close in at the cinema to watch 'Those Who Stay'

After the workers go home, a group of spectators close in at the cinema to watch 'Those Who Stay'

Lots of drama, but after firefighters came to the cinema they did not offer to refund the money for the tickets

sometimes this happens The world of cinema gives rise to some amazing paradoxes. For example, that on the plane you can watch ‘Airport 77’ or that before going to the mountains someone puts ‘The Snow Society’ on Netflix. But what some Brazilian viewers have experienced is a culmination of contradictions: stay locked in the cinema While he saw… ‘Those who are left’.

Those who remained in ‘Those Who Remain’

It turns out that the employees of Net Station Cinema in Botafogo, They just forgot there was a movie still going on (It’s not that long, it’s two hours and 13 minutes) And they closed the doors and left… And according to O Globo, there were a handful of spectators inside the room where Paul Giamatti’s Oscar-nominated film was being shown . They soon realized that the screening was over But the lights did not come on and there was no way out.

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One member of the audience described how he felt: ,At that moment we just wanted freedom. We didn’t know how to proceed. It seemed as if we were orphans. What a drama, right? He left us with nothing to do in despair. We watched the movie ‘Those Who Remain’ and this is how we felt: displaced.”, At least they were able to get out of the room using the flashlight on their cell phone, but They only managed to reach the lobby Where he saw that the outer security door was tightly locked.

Finally, there was no option but to call firefighters, who got them out of there. The workers in question have been “Temporarily removed” For obvious reasons and those responsible said this was something unprecedented: “After 40 years in the business, if we did it more than once, we wouldn’t be working anymore. We’ve been digesting it all week. Imagine if those guys had spent the night inside. I feel bad thinking about it.” Dreams come.”, Of course, no matter how many nightmares they’ve had, they haven’t offered a refund. The funnest part of all this? One of the locked people came out saying “This is a great movie. Don’t miss it!”, Pure surrealism.

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