Against cancer, timely detection

Against cancer, timely detection

On World Cancer Day, the Old Civil Hospital “Fray Antonio Alcalde” and the New Civil Hospital “Dr. Expert of. Juan I. Menchaca called on the population to timely detect tumors with high incidence such as breast, lung, colon and prostate, which are among the main causes of death in the country.

Juan Carlos Vázquez Limón, head of the oncology service of the old Civil Hospital “Fray Antonio Alcalde” of Guadalajara, explained that cancer is a disease where cells grow in a disorganized manner and invade other organs in a process called metastasis.

“We have mechanisms that allow our cells to replicate. When we have an injury, growth is reduced, which is normal. But in tumor cells, this balance is lost and they grow uncontrollably and form lesions,” he said.

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Vazquez Limon specified that cancer can occur at any age, although the incidence increases in adulthood.

On this point, Fernando Sánchez Zubieta, head of the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Service at HCG Juan I. Menchaca, pointed out that there are substantial differences between children and adults in the condition described as a fatal disease.

“Unlike cancer in adults, cancer in children is embryological cancers such as leukemia, first of all, brain tumors, lymphomas, kidney and testicular germ cells, among others.”

cancer growth factors

Vazquez Limón highlighted that the main factors in the development of the disease are genetic factors; From obesity, sedentary lifestyle or habits like smoking to external stimuli like solar radiation, pesticides ingested through food and other factors.

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“Red meat consumption is linked to colon cancer or reflux and gastritis is more linked to stomach cancer. There are many factors and, depending on each type of cancer, they are different: some are caused by viruses that live in the body, it is a combination of factors.

For his part, Dr. Sánchez Zubieta highlighted childhood cancer factors such as genetics or diseases such as Epstein-Barr syndrome as factors in developing lymphoma.


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