Agreement signed between MP and Home Ministry

(Photo: MP)

The Attorney General and head of the MP, Consuelo Porras, met with the Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jiménez.

The Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, and the Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jiménez, held a meeting at the Public Ministry (MP) building. This is the first formal approach between the head of Bernardo Arévalo government and the MP.

Although in recent days, Arévalo tried twice to persuade Porras to go to the Rashtrapati Bhavan to meet, but that did not happen. The head of parliament invited the President, but he declined and sent Jiménez to represent him.

The meeting took place behind closed doors and lasted more than three hours. In the end both the officers held a press conference.

“We have finished the scheduled meeting with the Minister of the Interior. We have reached important conclusions, where both institutions are working with great success. Access to justice and security to be able to provide justice and security to the people There are very important basic needs in Guatemala that any conflict that may arise can be resolved,” Porras said.

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Meanwhile, the Interior Minister assured that they will work in a coordinated and technical manner as per the orders of President Bernardo Arévalo.

He said, “We have held a comprehensive working meeting. We have reached technical agreements to work together. This is a matter of order from the President, who told me that we should strengthen technical work with the Public Ministry, because The population can’t wait.” Gave Assurance.

Agreements reached

According to the Attorney General and the Interior Minister, the agreements they reached after the conclusion of the meeting are:

  • Contact point between MP and Mingob
  • inter-institutional meetings
  • technical tables
  • agent training
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Apart from this, both indicated that it has been agreed to hold the next meeting on February 21 at the office of the Interior Ministry.

(Photo: Mp)

The meeting took place at Porras’ invitation to President Bernardo Arévalo, after two disappointing meetings between the two, but the President decided to send Minister Jiménez on his behalf.

The meeting convened was to “coordinate actions for the benefit of the population of Guatemala.”

(Photo: Mp)

(Photo: MP)

Is the fight still going on?

The delicate relationship between the executive and the public ministry was questioned. The Prosecutor assured that one thing was perception and the other was reality, and that Wednesday’s meeting was the reality of coordinated work between the two institutions.

When Porras was asked if she was willing to meet President Arévalo, she said, “The doors of parliament are always open to coordination with all the institutions. We have many models, and we need to coordinate with all the institutions of the executive.” should do.”

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Meanwhile, the minister said he is completing a designation to strengthen operational and technical ties.

The Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, With The Minister Of The Interior, Francisco Jiménez.  (Photo: Mp)

The Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, with the Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jiménez. (Photo: MP)

Giammattei tour

The Attorney General also responded to 14 earlier visits to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Porras confirmed that he attended, but said that he did not always meet with former President Alessandro Giammattei, but that they were meetings of a different nature, he mentioned the meetings of the National Council for the Administration of Assets in Expropriation (CONBED). Coordinated by the Vice President.


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