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Las fuertes revelaciones de Agüero sobre Rusia 2018: "Fue un quilombo"

Sergio Aguero made surprising expressions about what happened at the 2018 World Cup, in which the Argentina national team was eliminated by France in the round of 16 after miraculously passing the group stage thanks to Marcos Rojo’s goal against Nigeria Was.

“It was a mess, we cut it short. Everyone knows what happened, it was pretty messed up. It’s difficult because in Argentina you want to win, but the reality is that in Russia everything was complicated in every sense.”

“Even though I scored goals, it was all a mess. For me, as far as I remember, it started a week ago. You can see that this World Cup was going to be a topic of great discussion. Something came out against the technician at AFA, who was one of the employees working there, Becoming a problem for Sampaoli. This is where we start having problems. Coach already knows what I think. I haven’t talked to him and I don’t have anything else to say,” Kun said in Clank with journalist Juan Pablo Warsky.

“There was no chance to fix the mess, you couldn’t change coaches or players. “It was waiting for the lineup to come, without communication or ideas, playing what we know and organizing ourselves on the field.” Sergio added.

“There was no way this could be any good. It was impossible. You noticed, when we lost France, our faces – if there are images, at other World Cups, nothing. There was sadness among all the players. It seemed as if this was what was going to happen. Hot, but also a little relieved because it’s over, beyond the anger of being eliminated from the World Cup. It was all over and, well, that’s when the AFA started directing the best way for the next World Cup,” he said.

Relationship with Guardiola

Plus, Sergio also spoke about his treatment with Pep at City. “At first the relationship was very good and then we started having a lot of interactions, especially because of the pressure. He drove me crazy with it and I took him out. There started to be a bit of tension between us. In a match against Stoke City I scored two goals and in the conference he said something like this: ‘I like Aguero to score goals, but I want him to do more for the team,'” he recalled.

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“That’s where a little tension started. The next day I went and talked to him. I asked him why he didn’t tell me and he apologized because he didn’t realize it. Game by game we tried to see that Pressure on how I can perform. In my mind I had drained my energy, I wanted to save myself so I can attack later,” Aguero said.

“At the time I believed he didn’t love me, but actually he was the coach. Today I think: It’s not that he didn’t love me, it wasn’t working for him and we had to respect him. Later I realized it and I got along very well with him,” he said of the Catalan.

Aguero and Guardiola at City.

Maradona’s death

Sergio also recalled the death of his son Benjamin’s grandfather, which occurred on November 25, 2020. “I was very nice, he didn’t get involved in the relationship at all. He smoked cigars in my house and threw ashes all over the floor, ha. He was joking all day, but I always got along very well. I Hadn’t seen him much. I saw him a few times here in Argentina when I was on vacation. And then he went to Europe rarely. He might have gone two or three times, but he lives in hotels and rarely home. Comes,” he said.

“When I found out about his death it was a Champions League match. It was through the network. The first thing I checked and asked Benza if it was true. He told me yes. And what I did was tell Benza …It was a shock. The truth is that after that moment I helped Benja’s mother a lot, especially Benja, to help him calm down. He is very much like me, he has to Don’t like to show sensitivity. But I realized that he was not well. I think four or five days had passed and at one point while speaking, Diego felt as if he had started crying,” Sergio revealed.

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Your reflection

In addition, Sergio also considered other situations. Its origins lie in poverty and taxes, about which he has already complained on his social networks.

“Why do they have to keep taking something from you, if you don’t have a job, they keep taking it from you? It seems wrong to me, and many countries have it, and it’s wrong. The United States for example, It’s not. That’s why they charge a lot of income tax. Well, if you have a job it’s because you’re doing well, and with that tax there’s a way to improve the country, etc. But if you look at the things that work, If you don’t then you face problems because I lived in a villa and no one helps you in the village. There are many people who give their opinion when they are not in the village. When I was there and my family, we were fine, We were happy. That is, we had our supermarket inside the village, our butcher shop, grocery store, everything was the price of the villa. Obviously, if you leave the villa and go to Palermo, it costs seven times more. Then you You live, let’s say good. Don’t worry because this is your path where you are surrounded, but how we are there, no one thinks about it, the one who lives in the village has to be one… The reality is that He must either be lucky enough to be a football player or have someone you know who says to you ‘Hey, come over, I’ll help you get a job at a place like this.’ But, still, you can’t work because the company tells you where you live and they don’t take you if you live in the city. Then, you have to give them the address of one of your friends. This is quite a big topic. That’s not what it is now. I’m talking to you, I lived from when I was 5 or 6 years old until I was 14 and it’s always been that way,” he said.

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Your enthusiasm with the Independent

“I envisioned ending up at City at the age of 32 or 33 and continuing it in Europe for the 2022 World Cup and then afterwards I wanted to see if I could continue for another year, It depends on how I am physically, and that’s the idea if I returned to Argentina, to Independiente. But I also didn’t want to say that because it excited people that maybe later I would be in Barcelona. Another year would be given, when Barcelona appeared and it was impossible to say no, that I could play with Leo. But it could take six months or a year. The people at Independiente wanted me to dribble three or four.. .. But the idea was to play here and then throw away the shoes … that didn’t happen,” Sergio revealed.

Furthermore, he also mentioned his son Benjamin, who had joined Inferiores del Rojo. “I like that Benja is a football player, but he is already grown up and I want him to take it seriously. When I was 14, I stopped studying for football and I Never quit. He has the opportunity to study. So, I tell him “let him take advantage and play for the love of football and training. If not, don’t waste your time.”


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