* Rossi’s word after being a statistic against racing

agustin rossi spends cramped days after not renewing his contract with Boca Juniors, which expires in June 2023, and the arrival of Chiquito Romero to fight for the position. In this context, the former Chacharita continued the struggle: he was a great man. Xeneize 0-0 parity against racing In Avelaneda Cylinder, by date 13 professional league,

The 26-year-old goalkeeper blocked three specific opportunities from La Accademia (shots from Miranda and Jonathan Gomez, his top saves), and shared only one in which he failed (Houche’s lobed header that went wide) with Zambrano. went. As for his performance, he was requested by the broadcast and there he spoke for the particular position he lives in. “First of all, I want to thank my wife, my family for experiencing all this situation, thank you for the support and effort you put in to keep this going”Foreword.

“It was an important game, personally I helped the team in those moments that touched me, we were able to win it in the end, it didn’t happen. We started to better ourselves a little bit, we distributed ourselves better, which brought us relief. It was important to keep 0 in the first half; Secondly, with fatigue, we find blanks. It is important to score against a straight opponent”, he continued with his analysis.

Regarding the apparent penalty from Jonathan Gómez’s hand that referee Fernando Rapalini did not approve even when called by VAR, he said: “I don’t see it from afar, on the screen it’s a questionable move, it pulls it off, but Those are the decisions that the referee makes, moreover, we are happy and satisfied with the result”.

Last Wednesday, before the victory against Agropecuario in the Copa Argentina, he said: “I live it peacefully, with professionalism and respect for the institution that gives me a place to work. Very happy with it. ” He was most admired by fans in the Tour of Salta. ,The support of the people is incomparable. It’s a pleasure for people to be here and we are close. Every time we visit a province, the love we receive is significant and the love that Boca generates is even greater. I hope people are happy.”He added.

* Summary of the goalkeeper’s best saves and classic in Avelaneda

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