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AI can significantly increase our participation in political processes: “It is a proposal to create more democracy”

If technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, it should come as no surprise that it is creeping into all walks of life as well, including political participation,

thanks to process automation technological advances This is nothing new, but it can be dangerous when we talk about power.

Democracy It is the best system of co-existence, in which the people elect their representatives by majority and wherever The outcome of an election is practically sacred.

Moving on from a representative democracy, in which citizens elect politicians, a true direct democracyWhere every citizen votes for every law, the future could be and it involves integrating AI into electoral systems, simplifying and facilitating the process.

have artificial intelligence most advanced technology Right now, next to the Metaverse. The uses of AI are endless and of course, A.I. big tech They have gone to war for the best results.

Amazon was discussing last month how the technology could revolutionize drug discovery, genomics or clinical trials, while Google wants to teach it how to write and correct code as part of its commitment to generative AI. Microsoft is working with Nvidia to build a supercomputer in the cloud that develops more powerful artificial intelligence.

However, the power and extent of machine learning A warning about the potential risks using this technique. For example, the San Francisco police are considering the use of robotic force, while others use AI on the brink of legality, such as a Discord channel that generates pornographic images.

Despite the alarm being raised, several efforts are being made so that New Applications of Artificial Intelligence be for the benefit of all, improving the quality of the processes and ultimately the lives of the people.

the concept of enhanced democracyCesar A., ​​Professor and Director of the Center for Collective Learning at the Institute for Artificial and Natural Intelligence, University of Toulouse Developed by Hidalgo, one of the uses of AI is Improving the process of democratic participation.

More than a troubling warning: Ilya Sutskever, Elon Musk’s co-founder of OpenAI, warns that some of the most advanced machines may already be self-aware

“The idea is quite simple and in a certain way it is not new, because Democracyas we know it, always requires some mediation“, assures Hidalgo Business Insider Spain.

What is Enhanced Democracy?

We start from the premise that modern democracybuilt on the Greek concept that power rests with the people, They are not perfect.

This is no secret and by acknowledging this fact we can only look for other ways in which citizens can actively participate in shaping their rule of law and one is Direct impact on political processes

“It’s a proposal to create more democracy”, I assure the director of Collective Learning Center. “But also to generate a democracy where power is not captured,” he says.

it is main target Enhanced democracy. “We hold that democracy is based on the idea that the people are sovereign, that is, that all people have, in a distributed and shared manner, the sovereignty of a nation.” but this Requires very high level of participation on the part of citizens which cannot be demanded The way we have configured our current societies.

The manner in which popular sovereignty is currently exercised is a arbitration of political representativeswho make all decisions through government action (and in cases such as Spain, agree with the rest of the parties if there is not an absolute majority).

“What we propose may be other arbitration mechanisms It should not be given exclusively through representatives”, explains Hidalgo.

“It does not exclude that on some occasions this type of power is required, but there is an arbitration that is through Digital Media Augmented by Artificial Intelligence,

it’s finally about recover the ancient Greek concept of democracyTo design political processes in which citizens, through AI, can participate, with the idea of ​​mediation by public representatives in current democracies You can apply it directly.

How would you vote with artificial intelligence?

Participation cost is too high, They need time to be well informed and aware of all initiatives, which is physically impossible, as hundreds of initiatives and resolutions are voted on in Congress. This is exactly the point where it comes into play. integration of artificial intelligence.

This bot writes really amazing AI-generated texts: philosophical dissertations, math problems, or discussions between “people”

is the ultimate goal Every citizen to be his representative through an avatar Developed with the data the AI ​​has been fed with: the person’s tastes, their interests, the things they agree with and the things they don’t.

“Artificial Intelligence takes data and takes Production, try to learn more recipes. As you give it more data, it adapts to that recipe.” Data classification is essential for getting the avatar right.

For this, “We need artificial intelligence, not simple algorithms”Teacher says. They are learning processes in which you not only collect all the information, but also identify which data is useful and which is not.

“On the one hand, we’re going to feed the avatar with the information we’re leaving out on the Internet, and on the other hand, the answers we give to the questions it asks us.”

When someone has answered the many questions needed to shape AI political avataryou will have enough information Streamlining Participation Processes And that it does not require much effort to vote on various laws or resolutions.

Is Democracy Augmented Through AI Really Feasible?

“You have to start by separating the different forms of partnership that exist.”

degree of involvement Different levels of participation cannot be compared. For example, a national vote to approve the general state budget is not the same as a vote on specific projects to improve the Lavapiés neighborhood.

“When you have a participatory budgeting forum, it’s often the level of participation is very low“The teacher explains.

Though Spain is a leader in the use of citizen participation platforms Beyond elections, the truth is that they are hardly used by citizens.

This is the case of Decide Madrid, a digital space launched by the Madrid City Council in 2015, where various proposals can be voted on, but only today, none reach 1,000 votes.

“What we’ve done so far is a fairly simple participatory system basically helping us understand how to structure and organize preferences of the people,” explains Hidalgo as he shows Business Insider Spain The platforms he launched for elections in Brazil and France.

“We took the offers of election program All the candidates and a lawyer on the team summarized them into 60 proposals. Then each person enters the interface and Creating Your Own Affiliate Government Program which combines the proposals of all the candidates”.

If every citizen practices this, The most repeated propositions will be those that form the road map for the government of the nation And politicians will be in charge of getting them done.

it is a system in which “More Personal Responsibility” Because people vote for specific proposals they think are good, and don’t delegate responsibility – and power – to other people.

in the initial moments in which the project is, it’s almost a binary propositionin which politicians make some decisions, but there are also some in which citizens make decisions directly Can exercise its sovereignty with a strong and well developed AI.

“It’s really a feeling that there are more colors on the palette today that we can use to paint the democracy of the future.”

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