Air in Havana and The Colonists

Air in Havana and The Colonists

As the hot air beats the nights in Havana, police inspector Conde meets Karina, a mysterious woman to whom he feels deeply attracted. At the same time, they appointed a police officer who was not ordinary like him to investigate the murder of Lissette Núñez, a teacher at the same pre-university institute where Conde himself studied. As he begins a serious relationship with Karina, Conde builds a picture of Lissette’s secret life that allows him to find the killer and discover that the state of his old student memories has changed. very much, like the inscrutable and contradictory city of Havana.
After the film screening, a discussion will be held with the participation of the writer, film director and producer Mariela Besuievsky.

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– 18:00 The inhabitants. Director: Felipe Gálvez. Chile – Argentina – United Kingdom – France – Denmark – Sweden – Germany, 2023, 97 min. (+12)
Chile, early 20th century. A wealthy landowner hires three horsemen to limit the perimeter of his vast property and open a route to the Atlantic Ocean through vast Patagonia. The expedition, consisting of a young Chilean mestizo, an American mercenary and led by an indifferent British lieutenant. This mission turned into a brutal genocide in Selk’nam.

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