Air Nostrum proposes to build a network of platforms for airplanes in areas without airports

Valencia. Valencian Airline on nostrumWhich has recently entered into an agreement to be the launch company for the Airlander 10 airship, proposing to build a network of platforms or surfaces so that these aircraft can operate in areas that lack airports for conventional aircraft. Is.

The idea comes from the firm’s vice president, Miguel Angel Falconwho during his visit to the final edition of the Farnborough Air Show (United Kingdom) detailed some of the reasons Air Nostrum agreed with the British company Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) to use its airship from 2026 , when it is estimated that it may be operational after the relevant certificates.

Falcon recognized that the airliner, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% and has the ability to take off and land in fewer locations, fits into its focus as a regional airline and offers 100-degrees for long-haul and turboprops. is complemented by its fleet of seater jets. for short routes. “We fly between 50 and 100 seats. The Airlander 10 has a capacity of 100 passengers, so it fits perfectly,” the manager justified.

In this sense, the use of this type of aircraft to land on any flat surface, even over water, may represent an opportunity for operations in new destinations without airports, such as some islands, so a mix of destinations It is proposed to build a network surface for this type of aircraft.

In special media statements rootsonlineThe Falcon said the fact that the airliner’s cruising speed is around 140 kilometers per hour should not be a disadvantage, given the type of routes Air Nostrum operates. “This is quite enough for the average distance we traveled,” he said. Its routes have an average distance of about 500 km, but it operates only a few of the 200.

Miguel Angel Falcon.

In this way, Falcon stressed that the airliner could open up “many opportunities” for Air Nostrum that complement its current connections, as it can fly to cities without an airport, but without land on a port or platform. with which are more integrated. This is usually the case compared to cities. airport.

The HAV maker intends that the first aircraft could be operational after certification in 2026. From that moment on, new units of Air Lander 20 will be delivered in phases over the next five years. Air Nostrum Partners has agreed with the company through an operation lease Operation of up to 10 aircraft.

at the time of agreement, Carlos BertomeuThe President of Air Nostrum highlighted that the Airlander 10 significantly reduces the carbon footprint, an essential avenue for commercial aviation with the Valencian company exploring all avenues.

In this regard, in addition to airship operations, Air Nostrum signed an agreement this year to develop and produce sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) from circular raw materials, in addition to other energy options such as renewable hydrogen and electrification. ,

In addition, Valencian Airline is part of a federation together. volley You technology company dante aeronautics what The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA) has been submitted to a fleet electrification project In the context of the Support Program for Sustainable and Digital Transportation financed with the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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