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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Airtel’s Dhansu Plan: 28 days will be extended with less than Tk 2 and 14 GB will be available

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A tough competition is going on between telecom company Airtel and Reliance Jio (GEO). Both companies are trying to give their customers more free at lower prices. Airtel, the country’s largest telecommunications company, has a number of prepaid plans tailored to the needs of all users. This is why it is very difficult to find the best plan. If you are an Airtel customer and are not able to choose the best one for you from many plans, we are making this problem easier for you. Today we are telling you about a special plan of Airtel, where you can get more benefits with less than 50 rupees. With this plan you will get extra validity of 28 days with less than 1 taka. Let’s find out what you can achieve with less than 1 taka.

You will get 28 days more validity and these benefits
We are talking about Airtel’s Airtel prepaid plans at Rs 598 and Rs 599. Although the difference between these Airtel recharge plans is only Rs 1, the benefits that come with it are even greater. The biggest difference between these plans is the validity of these plans. Because with Airtel’s Rs 598 plan you will get 28 days more validity than the Rs 599 plan. In addition to this, 14GB data is also getting extra with Rs 598.

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Understand complete math like this
Where Airtel’s Rs 598 plan offers 1.5 GB of data per day. At the same time, the Rs 599 plan offers 2GB of data per day. In other words, customers are being given a total of 112 GB data facility at Rs 599. At the same time, a total of 126 GB of data is available at Rs 598. Accordingly, customers are getting an extra 14GB of data even after paying less than Rs.

Talking about the validity of these plans of Airtel, then the 84 days validity is available with the plan of Rs 598. At the same time, the 59-day validity is given with a plan of Rs 599. That means customers with less than Rs 1 are getting more than 28 days validity.

Airtel 598 plan
With this Airtel plan 1.5GB of data is provided per day and the validity of this plan is 84 days. This means the plan provides a total of 126GB of data for users. In addition to truly unlimited calling on any network, 100 SMS are given every day. The plan also includes some other benefits like Free Holo Tune, Airtel Extreme Premium, Wink Music, Shaw Academy’s free online course with a validity of 1 year and a cashback of Rs 100 for buying Fastag. With this Amazon Prime mobile subscription is available for free for 30 days.

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Airtel 599 plan
Airtel offers 2 GB of data per day on a Rs 599 plan. This pack is valid for 56 days. This means customers will be able to use a total of 112 GB of data. This pack also contains 100 free SMS per day. Airtel and other network voice calling minutes unlimited. Customers with additional benefits will get the Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription for free for 1 year with this plan. With this Amazon Prime mobile subscription is available for free for 30 days. Airtel Extreme Premium and Wink Music subscriptions are also free. In addition, 1 year free online course from Holotun, Shaw Academy and 100 rupees cashback in fastbag is given.


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