Aitana impresses Peru with new wardrobe and surrounded by 4,000 fans during ‘Alpha Tour’

Aitana impresses Peru with new wardrobe and surrounded by 4,000 fans during 'Alpha Tour'

Aitana’s Alpha Tour continues to conquer Latin America. The singer landed at the Exhibition Park Amphitheater in Lima (Peru), where almost 4,000 people surrounded the artist after his breakup with Sebastián Yatra became public.

His incessant crying while passing through Bogotá (Colombia) was a sign that something was wrong and a few hours later the singer of Tacones Rojos confirmed it. “Now I’m not good emotionally,” said the woman from Barcelona in a speech where she added that “nothing will happen, because life is about changes.”

First up with the new look

But the show must go on and the singer is back on stage this Tuesday. She did this by wearing a new wardrobe staple, a gorgeous pink satin pleated skirt. A more fun option than the sober outfits I’ve chosen so far on the Alpha Tour. She teamed it with a very simple white top and her now signature over the knee boots.

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She went on to sing 2 Extraños, one of the songs that included references to her breakup with Miguel Bernardeau.

“There are times to dance, but we also cry a little”

The singer started the show by emphasizing that AlphaTour is a show to have fun, but also to express emotions.

“I am very happy to be here, it makes me angry to be here for a short time because I came for the show, but I promise you that I need to get to know this beautiful country more. Now we are on the Alpha Tour and we will have a great time. It’s going There will be moments of dancing, but we will also cry a little, why not? And above all, we will have fun,” he said in a declaration of love for Peru that drove the fans crazy.

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Surrounded by her rehearsal dancers

During the rehearsal before the performance, the dance team wanted to make her smile by switching roles in miamor’s sensual choreography. A moment that emphasizes that the artist is not going through a good emotional moment.

Lanterns are lit to illuminate the ‘Moon’

Fans lit up the stadium with their cell phones as Aitana sang Luna, the song from her album Alpha that she dedicated to Sebastián Yatra.

Screams and joy with the choreography of ‘miamor’

Euphoria invaded the stadium when the singer performed the most provocative choreography of the show, that of the song miamor, his collaboration with Rels B.

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