Ake Loba representative gave his version of the conversation and said he received “threats”

Ake Loba representative gave his version of the conversation and said he received

Lucas Domenech, representative of AC Loba, referred to the disappointed pass of the attacker who, despite confirmation from the leaders, did not reach Peñarol and agreed to join Xolos de Tijuana in Mexico, a team in which he would receive the salary offered by Orenegro. “Three times” more than.

The Ivorian center forward’s agent was interviewed on the program last till goal From Radio Sport 890, gave his version of why the footballer did not arrive at Carbonero: “When I closed the Peñarol deal, the offer came from Tijuana, and I have to tell this to my player. Apart from representing him, my relationship with the player is to tell him the truth. “The decision is the player’s and that’s what happened.”

He also said that “nothing was signed.” “There was only one agreement with me, which was on track. Tijuana came up with something better and the player decided to sign in Tijuana. Easy. Not that big a problem,” he said, adding, “Nothing illegal.” I have the complaint letter from Peñarol in my email. I have been selling players for ten years, I am not a workaholic. There is no prior contract. He added, “The player never signed anything.”

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“On Wednesday I informed Edgardo Novick that the player would not arrive at Peñarol. He got very angry and told me to go to hell,” he mentioned, adding that he had paid for the plane tickets. “I did no harm to the institution in that sense.”

And he noted a fact that, although it was minor in conversation, is important to highlight: “The club sent him a ticket for a forty-hour flight and an emergency exit. He is accustomed to traveling on 20-hour flights and, at least, on business. I was telling them that I was coming to Real Madrid from South America and they wanted to rule. There, the player begins to have moments of doubt.

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Furthermore, Domenech justified his client’s determination: “I understand that a club has to go out and defend. My parents are Uruguayan and I know what Peñarol is, but I understand that an African does not know what Peñarol is. He lives on the other side of the world. If I ask you the names of three players from Ivory Coast, you will not be able to tell. I know the vastness of Peñarol, how big it is and its history. Obviously, it’s a difficult impression, because Peñarol has a lot of fans.

“The people of Peñarol did not know who Ake Loba was. This boy was first sold for 14 and then 12 million dollars. His salary was always European. It was not normal for a player of this economic level to come to Peñarol, and what had to happen happened: a club arrived with the numbers that Ake is used to receiving,” he declared.

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“I had offers from Turkey, Russia, Ecuador, from Barcelona, ​​Defensa y Justicia, Sporting Cristal and Alianza Lima, and, on top of that, I decided to go to Peñarol, because I explained to him what Peñarol meant, But the club came with an offer that you can’t refuse economically. Someone who doesn’t have roots in a club will think about the economy,” he said later.


“I received a lot of insults and stupid threats. A club leader threatened me very badly and no one threatens me. He did this via message and to me that is not gentlemanly. “When it cools down, everyone will understand why things are the way they are.”

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