Akon Fitness is a manufacturer of 'Made in Spain' equipment with an annual turnover of two million

Akon Fitness is a manufacturer of 'Made in Spain' equipment with an annual turnover of two million

Akon fitness bar strips. Akon Fitness is a Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and sale of strength equipment and fitness equipment., Founded by Daniel Garcia and Carlos Huerta in 2020 after the outbreak of the pandemic, and in a few years it has become one of the main players of the area cross training,

“The idea came up in 2019, when we were in limbo,” explains Huerta. “We wanted and needed training,” he admits. “We started producing our own prototypes rack“, Add.

About 30,000 euros was enough for Garcia and Huerta to start a company Which currently has an annual turnover of two crores. “We have never requested a loan to finance the project; One of the founders stressed, “Whatever Akon Fitness generates in the company, we reinvest it back into the company.”

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Although the sports equipment sector specialized in fitness is crowded, with many major operators such as Technogym or Panata, Huerta emphasizes that “We saw the potential and time proved us right.,

The Madrid company’s business has grown rapidly since its founding four years ago. In 2023, Akon Fitness’ turnover exceeds two million euros This has led to a 40% increase in registrations over the previous year.

improvement in demand for both business to business (B2B), such as the assembly of its machinery in professional sports centers “has increased our turnover, but also our needs as a company,” admits Huerta. Currently, Akon Fitness has a cooperation agreement with two gym chains in Alicante: Holiday Gym and Forma Sport.

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“On the other hand, we have verified that tendency to occur home gym High-end doesn’t stop growing, It is a very interesting niche and it has a differentiated value in relation to the competition because of our own manufacturing capacity, which means better times, prices, quality and customization possibilities,” he emphasizes.

De Hecho, Akon Fitness Has already established several professional gyms in private homes, their client list includes several Premier League players. “We traveled to London several weeks ago to set up a private gym in a Chelsea FC player’s home,” explains Huerta.

However most of its sales are focused on Spain, with Barcelona, ​​the Levante coast and the northern regions being the main markets in addition to Madrid; Akon Fitness has occasionally sold a number of products to customers in Switzerland, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom.

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This year, the company hopes to “achieve between 30% and 40% growth,” Huerta explains, which will take Akon Fitness forward. Close to 2024 with a commercial volume of approximately three million euros,

One of the main strengths of Akon Fitness, according to its founders, manufacturing is made in spain, “We design and build 90% of our structures, rackCages, and gym machines with plates, discs and pulleys in Spain,” explains the manager.

Millionaire turnover drives Akon Fitness finish in 2023 break-even, “After two years in which we lost money,” Huerta admits. The plan for the current year is to “maintain the trend and start generating financial support derived from the positive outcome”, he explains.


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