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Alberto Fernandez re-emerged

In some media outlets, such as Busted, the privilege of making the main issue on the national political agenda each time three days a week. Its driver, Roberto Navarro, interviewed Maximo Kirchner on Monday, Alberto Fernández on Wednesday and Vado de Pedro on Friday.

And while on Monday he asked Maximo Kirchner to announce to the Argentine stock market and bonds that his mother would not be a presidential candidate, on Wednesday he would have told the president if it was for the good of the Frente de Todos. Are ready to raise their candidature for the election. And on Friday the interior minister, Vado de Pedro, made it official that Kirchnerism is trying to “trust” the president into lifting PASO.

What do these three interviews have in common, in addition to the coincidence of all of them in the same week and their director—Roberto Navarro also acted as communicator between them as Maximo Kirchner said he hasn’t spoken for a long time— Right afterwards implied: make it official that the president, for the first time, explicitly and on purpose, publicizes his autonomy from Christina Kirchner, appoints ministers without agreeing with his deputy, and fundamentally, against Kirchnerism. Implement an election strategy against the idea, which led some analysts to describe the change in the president’s attitude as “late Albertism”.

In Art of WarThe book Military Strategy, written by Sun Tzu in the 5th century BC and which inspired Napoleon, Machiavelli and Mao Zedong among so many victorious commanders, the greatest importance is assigned to the moment and place where the fight is decided. This is the final year, and when the list of candidates for the next term is to be decided, this is the minimum symptom. Even more so the third member of the coalition committed to the government, with his own personal fortune, depending on the success of the administration, acting as Minister of Economy.

What is late today, if it finds some success inside the Fronte del Todos, can be said in time for those who may not have had enough strength to fight for a long time since the beginning of their mandate can.

Can it be said in the future that Alberto Fernández had some success within the ruling coalition, even though the Frente de Todos lost the next election – but with some dignity – to Kirchnerism displaced from the coalition’s hegemony?

And whether it can be said in the future that Alberto Fernández had some success within the ruling coalition, even though he himself was not a candidate for re-election, but someone he had chosen, as the President of Mexico would do. Where there is no re-election?

Those who shared positive answers to both questions might infer that Alberto Fernández was looking forward to the moment he believed he was in the best position to put up the fight. What is clear, at least today, is that the president decided to empower himself to the extent that Kirchnerism requires him to “believe” about an electoral strategy different from his own.

Perhaps Alberto Fernández never politely accepted everything put forth by his vice president and, as noted several times in these columns, Christina Kirchner’s letters and critical public messages were a symptom that his words were not private. It was heard, as she wanted to be. , and it needs to be done publicly; More as a sign of power, in contrast, with Navarro in El Destape like the report now by Maximo Kirchner and Vado de Pedro.

And if this is compared with the intern at Together for Change, Mauricio Macri seems to be more assertively within his space than Christina Kirchner lately, which would also allow us to guess that Alberto Fernandez spent less time. I decided to reinvent myself. The Power of Kirchnerism.

Does Frente de Todos have any chance of victory in the 2023 elections or will the next president come from Together for Change, a coalition that will be as easy to “kick a penalty without a goalkeeper” in the next election, as he predicted some time ago? Was Carlos Melkonian Months?

Much will depend on the growth of the economy under Sergio Massa’s command and, if successful, it will be enough to be a natural candidate. The Minister of Economy, when he was president of the Chamber of Deputies, relentlessly reiterated that he would never be a candidate if Alberto Fernández decided to run for re-election. And the president says that Sergio Massa’s potential economic successes will be the successes of his government and his own.

Almost any head of state who went through the pandemic and now the recession it has left behind, apart from the war in Ukraine adding to the global economic woes, was re-elected. Perhaps the assessment of Alberto Fernández’s mandate would improve over time because – saving the vast distance – coincided with the assessment of Ral Alfonsín’s government, a mirror the current president always enjoys reflecting on.

Another sign of Alberto Fernández’s empowerment is the support of most of the associations and social organizations around him, not the vice president. Recently former Housing Minister (Territorial Development and Housing) Jorge Ferraresi, Vice President of the Institut Patria and an undeniable admirer of Christina Kirchner, back in the Avellaneda administration, said that since he does not have votes to repeal Paso “let’s do nothing.” and discuss that it would not be possible” i.e., explaining to Vado de Pedro, they could not persuade the president because with his dedication to getting the vote it would be much more feasible than approving the budget.

Politics always surprises, Alberto Fernandez’s re-empowerment, however modest, no one would have imagined.

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