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Alejandro Gaviria described President Gustavo Petro’s strong defense of the Cuban dictatorship as “serious” and “worrying”

The confrontation between the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro Urrego, and the former Vice President of Cuba, Iván Duque Márquez, continues to provoke various reactions from political leaders who speak out against the harsh words of the current President.

One of those who spoke out was the former Minister of Health Alejandro Gaviria, who described as “serious” and “worrying” the reaction that Gustavo Petro gave to former President Iván Duque by also treating him as a murderer because he had children bombed. .

“Totalitarian weaknesses? Totalitarian affairs? Totalitarian madness? Whatever serious things are. “Very worrying,” he wrote on the social network X, formerly Twitter, about the Colombian president’s tweet.

The confrontation between Petro and Duque began this Saturday, September 16, when both political leaders engaged in a fight via social networks while the Colombian president was attending the summit of leaders of the multilateral group G77 + China.

The head of state pointed out that the inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries supporting terrorism was due to a request from the government of President Iván Duque, which provoked a strong reaction from the former president, who had already written a message about Cuba . .

In it, the president insults him. “The Castros made sure the children had food, health and education, but you, Duque, bombed them. They thought that if the children died, communism would die, that was a stupid idea,” he emphasizes.

“Perhaps the dictatorship of those who think it is a blessing to kill 6,402 young people and think that this is how communism would end is worse than that of the Castros. “I don’t care about those who consider themselves democrats and who have the blood of Colombian and Cuban children on their hands,” he concludes.

In response to Duque’s trill, Gustavo Petro said: “They condemn the Pinochet dictatorship, but they idolize the dictatorship of the Castros and their heirs.” They remain silent in the face of the Russian genocide in Ukraine and legitimize the ELN’s crimes against humanity by they call them revolutionaries. They want to equate Israel’s democracy with Putin’s oppression and cast their opponents as versions of Hitler while justifying massacres, kidnappings and institutional takeovers on “political” grounds. “This is what demagogues are like with their double standards,” Duque wrote.

Duque went even further, pointing out that “the Cuban dictatorship supports terrorists and has always supported them.” “It was the same with the terrorism of the M-19, the Farc, the ELN, among others.” He also pointed out the attack on the Santander General School carried out during his term in office, which ended the dialogue with the ELN.

“Many present themselves as defenders of life, but they are submissive in the face of the oppression and barbarism of the Castros and their heirs. From Cuba they planned and carried out the attack on the General Santander School; “The Colombian justice system prosecuted the ringleaders who gave the order,” Duque said on social media.

What did Ivan Duque answer?

In the morning, Duque responded to Gustavo Petro’s attack. In a new trill, the former president stated emphatically: “I have never in my life held a weapon to kill someone for political reasons.” “I have never been part of terrorist groups and have never committed crimes like those of José Raquel Mercado, the Tacueyó massacre, the takeover of the Palace of Justice or the rape and death of Gloria Lara.”

In the same trill, Iván Duque pointed out: “Many of these crimes, like those of the ELN or the FARC, which still remain unpunished, were justified by the Castros by exporting their ‘revolution’ of hunger and oppression, which exploded. “In countries like Colombia, the recruitment of minors and the abuse and rape of many of them by their ‘commanders,'” he wrote.

In addition, he added that “communism is a failed model because of its barbarism, its destruction of freedoms, its destruction of institutions and its destruction of private initiative, although there continue to be intoxicated and hallucinated voices that lose the concept of reality in order to to confirm them.” with the evidence, the failure of this model. Humanity has rejected this system that killed children, adults, the elderly, women, etc. in its name. “Communism is not progressivism, it is POVERTY for society.”

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