Alejandro Gaviria launched a new one

Alejandro Gaviria y Gustavo Petro.

Former Minister of Health and Education Alejandro Gaviria is known to be correct in his political predictions. In his last presidential campaign, when he was a candidate for the Centro Esperanza Coalition, he said that the Petro Government would face a storm. His bet almost came true. In 2022, before Petro won the election and was appointed Minister of Education, Gaviria said: “The first year he appointed a good cabinet of national unity, he could not put it together. Six or eight months ago, nothing much happened. The government was dissolved. Petro started tweeting like crazy, and basically, that’s the conflict that has become permanent and the agenda of the country surrounding Petro’s Twitter, and nothing I said recently said that I fear inaction more than action by a Petro government.

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In recent days, after the approval of the controversial health reform in the Chamber, Gaviria returned to the ring and launched a new prediction about what the government may face in the coming months.

“President Petro’s government is stuck with a dysfunctional health reform that has no popular support and could cause a mobilization against it. If it is not approved, it will be a defeat that will leave the government in a bad position at the start of the third year. Without governance and political weakness. It is certain that the government will try to avoid this scenario at all costs in the Senate. They will deliver what they deliver, which, in turn, hinders implementation and negatively affects all plans and goals. Either scenario is bad. Health reform has turned out to be a terrible bet for the government,” Gaviria said.

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At the time, when asked about his success in predictions, Gaviria told SEMANA: “Sometimes you go crazy and it hits you. There is a famous phrase used by gringos that says that even a stopped clock tells the time correctly twice a day. Nobody knows the future.”

About what he said at that time about the chaos that will happen in the government group, he said: “It is a vision that I have that, perhaps, in the form of Petro, there is a contradiction, and we are all in contradiction. One of them is that person, the one on the balcony, who has a connection with the masses that is very difficult for many politicians, and I include myself, but he has it. But that connection, which is fundamental when it comes to winning elections, is unlikely to be what is needed for change to happen. What I am saying is that inaction is the biggest risk to the Petro government. I have said that many times. “This is an interview with a comedian, so I am saying this in a little more dramatic way.”

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