Alert for the risk of new large and heavy SUVs

Alert for the risk of new large and heavy SUVs

The Euro NCAP organization, which conducts vehicle safety tests, draws attention to a result obtained from new electric models and market trends. Euro NCAP warns of the dangers for road safety and the environment from the increase in the market for “heavier, more powerful, and longer vehicles,” i.e., ie the big SUVs.

The 11 new models that passed the latest wave of Euro NCAP crash and safety tests were electric or zero-emission versions, but only three weighed less than two tonnes and only one had size and body of a passenger car.small family Some are large SUVs.

Electric, but big, heavy and tall

For Euro NCAP, the fact that the majority of new vehicles are electric “seems encouraging” in the context of the COP28 climate summit. However, the new models reflect “a worrying trend of consumer demand for heavier, more powerful and longer cars that not only put other drivers at risk but also have good environmental impact.”

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In particular, the cars that passed, usually with high scores, the Euro NCAP tests are Volkswagen ID.7, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-EQ EQE SUV, BYD Tang, Kia EV9, Xpeng G9, VinFast VF8, Smart # 3, BYD Seal-U, Honda ZR-V and Hyundai Kona.

The model list also shows, according to Euro NCAP, that the growing demand for electric vehicles opens up opportunities for new brands by including many models from Chinese manufacturers that ” eager to show their relevance to European buyers” as well as one from Vietnam. For the safety testing organization, manufacturers responded well to the requirements of Euro NCAP that began earlier this year, as evidenced by 8 out of 11 cars receiving the maximum five stars. rating.

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Latest Euro NCAP tests

Models that received four stars were the Hyundai Kona, VinFast VF8 and Honda ZR-V. The rest achieved five stars.

Euro NCAP’s warning about the risks posed by new bigger and heavier cars, in terms of volume and batteries, coincides with the European Commission’s controversial proposal to launch a new driver’s license for this type of vehicle, called B+, and intended for SUVs that weigh more than 1,800 kilograms.