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Alert in the United States for Biden’s mental health | More than half of voters say they are concerned about their situation

After several episodes that question the mental health of the President of the United States, Joe BidenA survey published this week shows that More than half the voters are worried about the President, for its part, Donald Trump take advantage of Do politics with the president’s health.

Based on Biden’s recent public appearances in which he finds it difficult to speak, move or be confused by the death of his own son, pollster Issues & Insights (I&I/TIPP) published that Sixty-four percent of voters are concerned about the president’s mental health. I&I/TIPP further pointed out that the concerns were not partisan but were shared by supporters of various political parties, Even Democrats.

The percentage increased since early August when the first poll showed that forty-nine percent of voters were concerned about the mental health of the nearly eighty-year-old president.

More than 1,300 people have been included in the latest survey between October 5 and 7. percentage went up five pointsThat is, about two-thirds of the voters. The survey, which has a 2.8 percent margin of error, reported that Much of That Growth Came From DemocratsBiden’s party. The number increased from twenty-nine percent to fifty-two percent, making a difference of thirteen points.

worrying episode

The latest worrying incident for the president happened this Wednesday, when he was delivering a speech in the state of Colorado, Got the reason for the death of the son, beau biden she passed away brain cancer in 2015 but the president said there was killed in war in Iraq, Although Biden Jr. had participated in the struggle and won the Bronze Star Service Medal, it was not the cause of his death.

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Also, in July of this year, Biden said he had skin cancer as a result of environmental pollution, but a report published in 2021 by his doctor specified that the disease was no longer suspected at the time.

Another statement that caused concern was when, a few weeks ago, he assured that he had entered the country’s senate 720 years ago. Following this line, in late September, the President asked whether Congresswoman, Jackie Walorskywas in the room, being an MLA He died in a traffic accident in August and Biden himself offered condolences to the family,

“America deserves an answer”

In the same sense, in an opinion note in the newspaper New York Post, american doctor mark sealI confirm that The country deserves answers about Biden’s cognitive function, “The biggest concern is the area of ​​executive function, which includes the ability to plan, act, focus on detailed information, and above all, make decisions. It goes without saying that this country has a President as its chief executive. Must possess high level of executive ability,” he said.

In this sense Siegel has said that Don’t be fooled by the video and study related, “The best way to address Biden’s apparent multiple memory lapses and periods of disorientation is not merely to speculate based on video clips, but to demand full disclosure and transparency, especially from a president in his 80s. Finally with a significant medical history,” he said. Seagull. The doctor also said that This wouldn’t be the first time a president’s illness has been hidden in the United States. Siegel cited Dwight Eisenhower’s heart disease and John Kennedy’s Addison’s disease while he was still in office as examples.

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The doctor expressed concern about Biden’s latest physical performed by Dr. Kevin O’Connor, which specified an increasingly harsh move for the president, which he attributed to a degenerative arthritis, However, Siegel noted that there was no MRI, no cognitive test reports, and no evaluation with a neurologist. “A rigid gait can be associated with a number of conditions, including white matter damage or normal pressure hydrocephalus, which causes cognitive impairment”, explained the doctor.

Trump takes advantage

The United States Constitution has the 25th Amendment that allows a president to be replaced if he is deemed unable to perform the duties and powers of his office. The pollster’s publication recalled that, in 2021, former President Donald Trump also raised concerns about his ability to govern, primarily among Democrats. However, these expressions of concern had little consequence, because In 2018 Trump published the results of his Montreal Cognitive Assessment. This test assesses visuospatial function, memory, executive function, language, attention, abstraction, recall and orientation.

Despite his mandate being questioned Regarding his psychic abilities, Trump didn’t miss a chance Criticize the current president’s perceived mental incapacity to lead the government, Last week, during an event in Minden, Nevada, Trump shared with his supporters a video showing Biden’s mistakes while the audience sang. “who has to go”,

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