Alex Cora gives better defense details for Rafael Devers, Red Sox

Alex Cora gives better defense details for Rafael Devers, Red Sox

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Since returning to the Red Sox before 2021, Alex Cora has consistently emphasized the value of quality team defense. Boston had plenty of room to improve in this department from 2021 onwards, and additions like Trevor Story and returning Jackie Bradley Jr. will certainly help.

Defense is an especially priority for Red Sox third basemen Raphael Devers, Despite his ever-increasing offensive talent, his fielding has been an issue.

Throwing the ball is the biggest problem for Devers. His UZR/150 (final zone rating per 150 games) improved year-on-year from 2020 to 2021, but he led all third basemen last season with 10 throwing errors, and in the last three completed at least Made at least 20 total errors. season’s.

“That’s the only problem Raffi has defensively because he has a good hand, a first move, he has range. It’s out of conversion,” Cora told Sports Hub’s Tony Masarroti on The Baseball Hour’s podcast 98.5. He said, ‘He will throw the ball in a great game. In our numbers, he was average or above average in a lot of things, but below average in out conversions.’

Quora says Devers has taken concrete steps so far this spring to improve the hot corner.

“Talking to Rafi, he made a conscious effort in the off-season to work on his defense as much as he works on his offense,” Cora said. “It’s paying off.”

Cora also addressed the training adjustments the Red Sox have made as a team.

“The defensive thing is going to be part of it,” Cora said. “There are some subtle adjustments that we made. Initially, he didn’t take as many ground balls on the field. It was drill-oriented.”

As Davers’ game continues to evolve, Cora also discussed the impact the 24-year-old is making among his teammates around the league.

“When you’re playing the game, everybody’s drawn to Raffi,” Cora said. “Opposition, they are in awe of Raffi.”

Devers is in control of the team through the 2023 season. As a cornerstone player in Boston, a possible contract extension remains a question mark over keeping him in Red Sox uniform – especially if he adds great defense to his bat. Quora hopes that this possibility will be fulfilled.

“Hopefully we can get to a point as an organization that we can keep this guy for a lot of years,” Cora said.

Devers would like to make his first All-Star season in 2021 with a more complete performance in 2022 and beyond.

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