Who is Manchester City’s gem of Peruvian origin who rejected the Bicolor?

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A few months ago, the universe of players in ‘Bicolor’ expanded because Juan Reynoso began his eliminatory process and sought to strengthen the national team in the best possible way. From the recruitment stage, Oliver Sonne was called, who has not yet made his debut for Peru, but one of the most famous names is a gem of the City of Manchester: Alexander Robertson.

Robertson is a mixed midfielder with offensive characteristics who is almost 20 years old and has three nationalities: Australian, Peruvian, and English. He stood at that time in the youth team of Manchester City and called for important football matches. Champions League.

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Did you refuse to play for Peru?

Last March, the footballer expressed his desire to play for the Australian National Team and categorically rejected Peru. These statements paved the way for his debut with the ‘Socceroos’, in a friendly against Ecuador.

“I hope to play for the Australian team all my life,” he declared after the game.

However, in a game that changes and has as many variables as football, anything can happen. More than considering that failed to have continuity with new coach Graham Arnoldy He has difficulty entering new calls for his present to Portsmouth.

New Game?

Although it is a comparison in different contexts, Robertson’s situation is similar to what the national star went through. Gianluca Lapadulawho talked to the former coach of the Peruvian National Team, Ricardo Gareca, in 2016. That year he refused to play for ‘Blanquirroja’ to dress for the Italian National Team.

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“I decided to wait until June to concentrate on the Serie B championship… After that, I’m sure I’ll have the right peace to make a decision,” commented Lapadula.

He made his debut for Italy that same year, even scoring a hat trick against San Marino. However, Italy will miss the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and the renewal of the ‘Azzurra’ squad kept him away from the national team.

Lapadula will be summoned to the Peruvian National Team in 2020 after an effective nationalization process and adaptation to the new FIFA regulations.

The case of Alexander Robertson is very similar to ‘Lapagol’, and the two players share characteristics regarding their Peruvian origin, but beyond that, they do not have many things in common.

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But nothing is lost. The Bicolor’was ‘not going through his best moment, and Alexander Robertsongem of City of Manchester is still one of the soccer players who qualified for Peru. That is, in the future, if the current situation changes.