Alfredo Jalife talks about his arrest

 Alfredo Jalife talks about his arrest;  it said

After his arrest for the crime of blasphemy, Alfredo became qualified and shared his experience.

This Sunday, the analyst and geopolitical expert Alfredo Jalife-Rahme, who was arrested on December 6 in Mexico City, sent a message on his social networks about the process he is facing after Tatiana Clouthier’s complaint against him.

In December 2022, the former Secretary of the Economy denounced the analyst for crimes of defamation and defamation, arguing that, with lies, Jalife was accused of stealing lithium from Mexico and ceding the State of Mexico to the United States.

A day after the arrest, the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León reported that Alfredo Jalife was involved in the process and imposed, as a precaution, a ban on access to Tatiana Clouthier and her home, setting a period of 60 days for the closure of the complementary investigation.

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Earlier this Sunday, December 10, Alfredo Jalife spoke about the complaints made against him by the former Secretary of Economy. And, even though he obeyed in his attempt at freedom, he did not declare anything on the subject.

Of his physical freedom and my freedom of communication,” he wrote.

The message is accompanied by a postcard in reference to the statement of Article 19, an organization that condemns the arrest of the analyst for the crimes of defamation and defamation and whose trial will try against freedom of expression.