Aliana Guercio defends “Chiquito” Romero and attacks racing leadership: “enough of the lies”

Eliana Guercio has come out in defense of the brand new pair when her husband, Sergio Romero, closed the book to Boca, criticizing the racing leadership, assuring that the goalkeeper had been playing in Europe in 15 years. never got offer To return to the Avellaneda club.

Romero signed with Boca for two seasons and in a presentation as a new reinforcement he assured that he was coming to “Argentina’s biggest club”. This angered fans and the racing leadership to such an extent that chairman Victor Blanco confirmed he would have the club’s doors “closed” for a while.

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“Enough of the Lies”Guercio wrote on his Instagram account, adding: “15 years in Europe, offer to get into racing: Zero. Yes gentlemen: 0. Zero in 15 years. It’s true”,

Eliana Gursio's post Against Racing.  Photo: Aliana Guercio.
Eliana Gursio’s post Against Racing. Photo: Aliana Guercio.

Romero’s phrase caused much discomfort at the Avellaneda club as he believed it was not necessary for him to say that in Argentina he would only play racing and that they would give him the facilities of Tita Matias’s estate. recovering from his injury.

Given the severe criticism Chiquito received, his wife Spike came out with the cap today, and although she did not mention it, she did not explicitly offer him a return to her first club, in reference to the president of Racing.

Chiquito Romero’s phrases about Boca

– “I was entering racing and they asked me if I was to stop at Boca and I replied that I was not going to cover a boy. Then they contacted me in the following days to find out if I was free and available. When you get a chance to play for a club like Boca, you have to think very well. I am very happy with the opportunity they gave me. I think it is a step forward in my career.”

– “Last year I had to go to Venice because I had to show a lot of people that I was physically fit and could continue playing football. Today I am fine. I finished rehab. I did it with the guys from the AFA And I’m available.”

by Aliana Guercio

“The challenge for every footballer is to go and play for a club where you know they are going to fight at the bottom. After a year in which he didn’t even touch me much. Which is now a step ahead. I come to the biggest club in Argentina and I want to show that I am ready to defend this goal, as I did with the goal of the Argentina national team.

-“I told Roman that I had the opportunity to stay in the English Premier League in Europe. After talking to my wife at home about this, we decided that there was a very good chance of coming to Boca. I think it’s me It was one of the best decisions of my life.”


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