Alianza Clara-Talli promotes investment and creation of companies in Mexico

Alianza Clara-Talli promotes investment and creation of companies in Mexico

The tie-up between Clara and Tally plans to onboard 500 more start-ups during the second half of 2023

Following the announcement of the alliance between Clara and Tally, more companies are starting operations in Mexico. thank you for the benefits of Streamlined constitution and access to flexible funding,

According to what Clara’s team shared with Notipress, the investment climate in Mexico is going through one of its best moments in recent years. In this sense, one of the factors that make Mexico a good place to invest is the rearrangement of global supply chains, or nearshoring.

Furthermore, with regard to investment, positive signals emerge about the performance of the national economy. According to the latest report by INEGI Global Indicator of Economic Activity, Mexico registered a Overall consumption growth of 3.4% of the Mexicans. However, many multinational companies are seeking move to mexico He has to deal with the frustration of the Mexican bureaucracy. In this sense, organizations lose on average up to six months be able to start operating Because of complicated or difficult-to-understand red tape.

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From 2022 onwards, over 750 companies looking to set up in the country have found a key partner in Tally. This forum is specialized Legal constitution and simplified management Launched the first digital solution to reduce bureaucracy and legal processes. In this way, the average time taken by all the legal procedures for a new company comes down to just three weeks from an average of six months. This means that a Significant change in short term profitability projections For business strategists looking to relocate.

thanks to Alliance between Clara and Tally There are companies interested in starting operations in Mexico flexible credit accessS. Besides, they have expense management platform Linked to Clara’s corporate credit card. As a result of the alliance, both parties are expected to make at least a successful start. 500 more companies during the second half of 2023 Promotion of investment from China, United States, Spain and South America to Mexico.

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