All groundhogs predict early spring!

Groundhog Day: Towards early spring

Famous Phil, the famous groundhog from Punxsutawney in the United States, predicts early spring. Fred from Val-d'Espoir in the Gaspésie has the same opinion. According to the two rodents and their two other colleagues, good days are about to come.

Based on this well-established folkloric tradition, if the little rodent does not see its shadow, spring has come early, as has been the case this year.

Conversely, if the groundhog sees its shadow, winter continues for six weeks.

Ontario's albino groundhog, Warton Willie, is also having an early spring.

Nova Scotia's fortune teller, Sam of Shubenacadie, has the same opinion as his furry counterparts, spring will come soon.

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Last year, Fred the Quebec marmot was found dead just hours before making his much-awaited prediction. It was a child who announced that spring would come late.

Weather in Quebec today

Friday is expected to be overcast, with snowfall possible in the east of the province, where some locations are expected to see 2 to 4 centimeters of snowfall.

Apart from the long-term weather forecast, winter will not be harsh this year, even though the month of February is known as the coldest period of winter.

The sun returns over the weekend

The mild weather that has been in effect for a few days will also be in effect over the weekend with sunshine returning to much of Quebec.

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However, temporary clouds will be present in the sky on Saturday, but temperatures should be comfortable, according to Environment Canada forecasts.

In Montreal, temperatures will be minus 3 degrees below the clouds, but the center of the province is expected to clear up, especially in Quebec where it will be minus 5 degrees.

On Sunday, Quebecers will be able to enjoy plenty of sunshine and temperatures of minus 4 degrees in Montreal and minus 6 degrees in Quebec, according to the federal agency.


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