All residents resigned at the same time!

Explosion in Einsiedeln Hospital

All residents resigned at the same time!

Seven employees of Ameos Hospital in Einsiedeln have resigned. He accused the hospital of not adhering to working hours and canceling further training.

Explosion at Amios Hospital Insidalen SZ. All seven residents resigned at the same time. As “Pilatus Today” reports, seven doctors regularly had to work more than the legally prescribed 50 hours a week. In addition, the hospital canceled the mandatory further training for doctors. He complained, but he was not heard. Last spring, staff shortages worsened, followed by a wave of layoffs.

The Association of Swiss Residents and Senior Physicians (VSAO) says, “In our view, the allegations made by the residents of Einsiedeln Hospital are well-founded.” In the last two years, the hospital had given practically no further structured training. “The situation escalated with the reduction of jobs, with violations of labor law requirements,” the association told Blick.


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